4 elements to making any room appear larger

It’s a common wish for many people that a particular room in their home was just that little bit bigger. It can be disheartening looking into a room with so much potential, and it appearing dark, confined and cramped. However, there are some smart tricks you can use to make any room look more spacious and inviting. If you’re confined to small spaces, every detail counts. Here’s 4 tips on making any room appear larger:

1. Your Flooring

If you’ve got a room that’s particularly small, try changing the floor to match that of a connecting room. This means the flow between spaces is uninterrupted; as though it’s one large space. With wood flooring, wide boards can help make the room seem larger.

Alternatively, a striped carpet or rug is a great way to make your room appear longer. Anything which draws the eye is bound to create the illusion of extra size, much similar to a striped t-shirt making the wearer seems taller or wider.

2. Colours

Light and bright is definitely the way to go here. Using light-toned colours makes a room appear airy and open. They’re reflective, and therefore make the most of natural light in the room.

Lighter colours can be used all across the room. From walls to accessories, mix and match these with splashes of colour to keep the room’s character whilst maximising the space. Although this doesn’t mean dark colours are completely out of the equation; use these to contrast the light backdrop and add extra depth.

3. Furniture

There’s no denying that furniture is one of the biggest hindrances when it comes it maximising your space. However, using furniture on raised legs allows light to filter through and make it feel airier. If you can match these to the wall colour, larger pieces will blend in to give the illusion of extra space.

Any large pieces should be up against the wall to make the most of the space you’ve got available. However, don’t place multiple pieces too close together. If you’ve got glass furniture, such as a coffee table, this is perfect for creating a visually open space.

4. Clutter

This might go without saying, but unnecessary clutter laying around ruins the appearance of any extra space. Before making any big changes, consider if there’s anything that can be relocated to create more room.

This doesn’t mean you’re required to cull all of your accessories, but preventing overkill is important if you truly want to maximise spaciousness.

Hopefully you can gain some inspiration from this post, in order to make your smaller rooms feel more spacious. Whether you try one or try them all, let us know which of these worked for you.

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