CO2 YOU – The Easy Way To Refill Your Soda Maker

My family loves fizzy water but what I don’t love is seeing all the plastic bottles from the supermarket pile up in the recycling.

So a while ago we got a soda maker which was great up to a point – less empties in the recycling but when the gas cylinder runs out it was a bit of a pain to get it refilled. We had to take it to a shop and it would usually get forgotten about and we’d resort to buying more supermarket bottles again. Not ideal!

Well there’s a great solution we have discovered just recently!

CO2 YOU realised how frustrating and difficult it could be to get hold of gas cylinders so they have created this handy service where they deliver and collect your empty gas canisters.

They invited my family to try it out and I have to say it is the perfect solution for us!

How It Works

It is so easy! You simply make an account at CO2 YOU

Then choose your cylinder type and quantity

You’ll receive cylinders in one to two days to enjoy unlimited bubbles!

Not only that, you will be notified when the refill date is close, at which time you’ll have your empty cylinders collected and be refilled and ready to enjoy again!

I think this scheme is a really great idea and my husband and kids agree. The lads especially love dispensing their own fizzy water from our soda maker and I’m happy to see the recycling bin isn’t full of expensive, heavy and single use plastic water bottles anymore.

We have a SodaStream® machine but the cylinders are designed to be compatible with most carbonators whether screw in, click in or Quooker. We opted for the best value 4-cylinder delivery but you can choose just one or two canisters for lighter use. Delivery is free on the gas refill programme.

I think this is such a good idea and I’d love to know what you think! Would you try the CO2 YOU programme for your soda maker and ditch the single use plastic soda bottles for good?

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