Five Ways to Give Your Car That ‘Luxury’ Feel 

A high-quality car is often high on the wish-list for drivers across the UK, being a major signifier of success as well as a little luxury to enjoy on the daily commute, or at the weekends. But the automotive market at the moment has made buying a nice vehicle prohibitively expensive for many, as electronics shortages negatively impacted production and sent second-hand prices through the roof in recent months. 

But just because that luxury vehicle is harder to afford doesn’t mean you can’t have that luxury as part of your everyday. There are many different ways you can treat your own car to bring out the best in it, and feel like a million dollars every time you drive. It’s not unusual to want the best for your car; here are five ways you can give just that. 

Wax Your Car 

Waxing your car is not only the best way to get a professional-looking mirror-sheen finish on your car, but also a great way to correct minor paint damage and protect it against the elements for time to come. After your next big car wash, be sure to treat chips and dings with localised waxing (matched to your paint colour), before giving an overall wax job to scrub away any oxidation and leave a long-lasting protective finish. 

Organise Your Boot 

The messier your car is, the less it will feel like a luxury drive. Chances are your boot is a dumping ground for shopping and emergency equipment like tools and spare clothing – but with a little organisation, your boot can safely and discreetly stow the essentials away give your storage a sense of order. Use a storage organiser to compartmentalise your available space and make loading and unloading items a breeze as well. 

Upgrade Your Tyres 

There’s something about a brand-new set of alloys that really sets a car’s exterior off. If your tyres are looking a little dog-eared or nearing the end of their natural life, it’s a great time for a switch-up; alongside your next purchase of car tyres, take a look at the various possibilities for new alloys and rims that could project ‘luxury’ with your next tyre change. 

Interior Overhaul 

No matter how luxurious your car may look on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts – mainly because that’s where you’ll be most of the time. By customising your cockpit, you can make your car feel much sleeker to ride. Replacing your upholstery with leather trim may seem a little extra, but can completely revolutionise the interior’s feel, while replacing the handle on your gearstick can make driving feel that bit more personal. You could even add a steering wheel cover to completely change the tactility of your car. 

Luxury Tech 

While technology is near-universally available nowadays, there’s still a sense of luxury that comes with a good gadget. Driving-related gadgets are no different, with dash-cam rear mirrors adding a futuristic feel to your cockpit. Your smartphone is likely your hands-free phone, music playlist source and GPS all in one, so accommodating it on your dash with a chic holder is a great way to go. 

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