Conservatory Lighting Solution Ideas – How to Keep Your Conservatory Well Lit

As we know, conservatories are mostly made of windows and due to their nature, they allow a lot of light to get in during the day. The problem is that once night falls, without good lighting, your conservatory will become really dark and uninviting. So here are some ideas to ensure that you  your conservatory remains nicely illuminated at any time.


conservatory chandelier

When in doubt, go for chandeliers. The best thing about this type of lighting is that not only does it bring some light in the room, but it also acts as a focal point for your conservatory. If you’re using the conservatory as a dining place, it’s nice to put the chandelier right above the table. Not only will the place be well-lit, but it will also feel sophisticated and elegant.

Wire, String or Festoon Lights

If you want to avoid light shining into the glass, which may create a slightly off putting glare, why not consider opting for wire lights. These lights are easily attached if you have a polycarbonate conservatory roof installed. Plus, the light given off by wire lighting is quite dim – so, if you are into stargazing through the roof, this type of lighting is perfect.

Integrated Spotlights

conservatory lighting

If you have opted for a tiled conservatory roof with a ceiling, or if you have a uPVC frame, you should be able to go for integrated spotlights, which are beneficial as they provide smoother, more diffused light. Plus, since these spotlights are fairly well hidden, they will not attract too much attention whilst being extremely functional. So, you will be able to accentuate different areas of your conservatory by only using lights.

Recessed Wall Lights

These types of lights are not always suitable for every type of conservatory – but if it is a good solution for you, here is what you need to know. They add a lot of style to a room, and they also provide a sufficient amount of light. Plus, just like integrated spotlights, recessed wall lights will allow you to accentuate several areas in your conservatory without creating too much of a glare.

Light Fans

Light fans will allow you to kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you be able to add some light to the conservatory, you will also feel the benefit of the fan. This makes a light fan perfect for those summer months when conservatories get very hot and all you want is a breath of cool air. For a larger conservatory, why not consider having multiple fan lights positioned in the ceiling space.

In Summary

Bringing light into your conservatory can be very easy – particularly as there are lots of different options, styles and designs to choose from depending on your space. For the ultimate in flexibility, why not combine different types of lighting. For example, pairing a main light such as a chandelier with secondary light sources, such as recessed wall lights or table lamps. This way, you will be sure that the entire area is well-lit whatever the occasion or time of day/night.

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