How to Throw a 1920’s Style Party

Planning a party? If you are looking for a fun theme for the event then you cannot go wrong with a roaring 1920’s inspired party complete with cocktails, dressing up and dancing. This is a period which has a very distinctive style which makes it particularly well suited to a cool party with your friends. Here are a few tips for throwing a 20’s speakeasy-style party.

Dress Code

Image by Анастасия Гепп from Pixabay

One of the most important aspects of a 20’s party is the dress code as people will need to put in the effort. For guys, this will include pinstriped suits, braces and fedoras while for girls think cocktail dresses, feathered headbands and heavy makeup.


Speakeasies were known for their intimate and lavish feel so think about rich fabrics, low levels of light, art deco artwork, vintage adverts etc. Try to create a vintage, old school feel so that it feels like stepping back in time when you enter the room. You could use a range of props to evoke a feel from the ‘20s, such as antique books, violin cases and old phones. Another nice touch is to have a password that guests have to say to get in like you would in a speakeasy.


Perhaps most important for nailing the 20’s party is the music. The Charleston is an essential part of any 20’s party but you can include any kind of New Orleans and Chicago jazz and encourage plenty of dancing throughout the night.


Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash

Cocktails are another key component of a speakeasy-style party so make sure that you stock up on plenty of spirits – miniatures like whiskey miniatures are ideal because people can easily create their own cocktails. A few popular cocktails from this time include a mint julip, gin fizz, moonshine and planter’s punch. You could even use a bar service so that people do not have to make their own cocktails for a nice touch.


You will want to serve food at a 20’s party to add to the theme but also to soak up the alcohol. It is best to hold the party after dinner so that everyone can eat before they come but you can then offer a range of canapés to add a touch of elegance and class to proceedings.

Out of all the decades, it is hard to top the 1920’s if you are planning a party. A speakeasy-style party is a brilliant idea as it is a very distinctive and fun style to evoke with great music, drinks and fashion. These tips should help you to plan a party that your guests will be talking about for weeks to come and be a great celebration no matter the reason.

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