Coping Strategies that will Help You if You’re a Single Mother

There’s a high chance that you never really imagined yourself bringing up a child as a single parent. This is understandable, but you need to remember that it’s more than possible for you to handle anything and that there are ways for you to make your day to day life a little bit easier.

Use your Support Network

Don’t be afraid to lean on your friends and family from time to time. There’s a high chance that they’ll want to help out, especially if it means spending time with your children. If you need some advice or some more help then it may be a good idea for you to seek out others who are in a similar situation to you. They will be going through the same thing and they may be able to give you the answers that you are looking for. If you are in the middle of a divorce then there are plenty of family solicitors out there who can guide you through the process.

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Believe in Yourself

You may be panicking or feeling overwhelmed but you need to believe in yourself. Put some music on, count to 10 or phone someone up. At the end of the day, you need to do whatever you can to calm yourself down and you also need to remember that you are not alone.

Make Time For Yourself

Another thing that you need to do is find something that you really love and make time for it. You also need to schedule it in your calendar so that you don’t become overrun with everything that’s going on in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you take a long bath, or go swimming as long as you give yourself that headspace to help you to feel refreshed and calmer whenever you are a little bit frazzled.

Get Organised

To-do lists really are your friend, and they can help you to process everything that’s ahead. If you’re not quite sure how to get started, then write down all of the household chores that you need to do. If you feel as though getting everything done is impossible can you enlist help or even hire a cleaner? By doing things like this, you can easily simplify your schedule and have more time for yourself too.

Don’t Compare Yourself

Sure, other mothers might seem to have it all together, but you never know what’s happening beneath the surface. They might be struggling as much as you are, so try not to compare yourself and also make the effort to try and focus on your own situation as much as possible. This will help you to stay grounded and it will also help you to move past any difficult times with confidence. Remember that there is nothing wrong with asking for help if you really need it, and that there is a network of support out there ready to give you what you need.

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