Creating the Perfect Bedroom for Your Football-Crazy Child

So, you’ve got a child in your household with a passion for football. What better way to celebrate that passion could there be than a themed bedroom? It’s easy to create a bedroom that’s built around love for a particular team, player, or just for the sport in general. Let’s take a look at how you might go about it.

Where to start?

It’s highly unlikely that your football-themed bedroom is going to be a permanent fixture in your home. So, during the planning stage, you should bear in mind that you might need to make changes to the room in a few years time.

Start your project with a budget, and have a conversation with your child about exactly what elements they’d like to include. If you’re planning a surprise renovation, then this might not be an option – but if you’re not, then make sure they feel included!

Colour scheme

If you’re building the room around a particular football team, then you’ll want to make sure that your choice of colours complements the colours of that particular team. However, we should bear in mind that football teams don’t choose their colours with home décor in mind, but for visibility. Bright, bold colours are chosen because they help players to easily tell who’s playing for who. But bright, bold colours are to be used sparingly in interior design, and especially in bedrooms. While Liverpool, Man United and Arsenal might wear bright red, there’s a reason that this colour is rarely chosen for bedroom walls. So, go for a complementary, muted colour for the walls, and use accent pieces to bring forward the team’s characteristic colour.


Modern football clubs produce a wide range of merchandise. Lampshades, quilt covers, rugs, stationary – they can all bear the logo of your favourite team. And if you can’t track down the appropriate piece of merchandise, you can always go custom and build your own.

When it comes to wall decoration, posters and framed shirts tend to be a winner. If you can track down a classic or signed kit, then so much the better!

Personal touch

We should bear in mind here that we’re decorating a room for a particular person, and not just any fan of this particular football team. If you have any unique items that might help to show whose room this is, then don’t hesitate to include them. These might be photographs, trophies, and other personal things. Bonus points if they’re football related!

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