Creating the Ultimate Home Office

Home office imageWhether you run a business from home, need a place to do general administration, or are simply looking for a quiet space to leisurely browse the internet, creating a home office is the perfect way to re-purpose a spare room.

Your office should be a calm room with a minimalist design and plenty of open space. That being said, furnishing your room with appropriate office furnishings, a comfortable chair, and a functional and attractive desk should be top priorities.

The office chair

When buying an office chair, remember that you will spend a number of hours in it at a time, so don’t purchase one that you think may be uncomfortable for you. If you are setting up your office in a room that gets plenty of natural light, you may wish to furnish your space with pine-effect or wicker furniture, for a rustic look. Otherwise, black leather and chrome looks very classy in an office environment. There is a great selection of stylish and affordable office chairs at Argos. If you have a generous budget, you may want to splash out on a massage chair. These chairs are great to use as a general office chair, but also have the added massage feature for when you wish to take a relaxing break.

The computer desk

Try to go for a desk with drawers in — this will automatically give you a space to keep all of your correspondence at hand. Choose a style which is consistent with the colour of your office chair, and look out for models that have cable management holes built into them, as these can help make your space look much neater. You can be very efficient with your space if you choose a computer desk that has no gap for leg room underneath. This desk from Homebase utilises that space as additional storage room, where you can keep your printer and stationery supplies. However, this will be more uncomfortable to work at for long periods, so will probably only appropriate if you are using your office casually.

Office accessories

Make the most of your office space by surrounding yourself with useful office accessories. A popular fixture for a home office is a whiteboard, as this will allow you to keep your affairs clearly organised and brainstorm ideas. Alternatively, a cork notice board allows you to fix paper and notes to your wall, or even photographs if you would like to be reminded of your loved ones while in your place of work. You can get the best of both worlds by purchasing a combination whiteboard like this one from Pitts Presentation. Add whiteboard magnets to get the most out of your combo whiteboard.

Indoor plants

Nothing will bring a more calming presence to your room than a house plant. You may find yourself spending long hours in your office room and encountering stress, but an indoor plant can help to relieve that tension with its natural colour and gentle, refreshing aroma. Plants are also a great way to filter air naturally. It is recommended that you choose a plant with no flower, as this will take less effort to keep healthy, and less water to stay hydrated. House of Plants specialises in office plants, which come already potted in a sturdy and stylish container.

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