Top Tips for Winter Gardening

winter1It can be difficult to know how to manage your garden during the winter. Some people leave it to do its own thing, while others continue weeding, pruning, and planting all year round. The truth is, the best way to look after your garden in the colder months is by doing some winter gardening and properly preparing it for spring. Failure to do this usually results in a garden that is unsalvageable by next season. Follow the tips below to ensure that your off-season maintenance is carried out correctly.

Lawn maintenance

winter 2Maintaining your lawn during winter is essential to prevent any permanent damage to its overall quality and growth ability. Therefore, you should try to keep mowing your grass if it is still growing. Mow on a high setting to ensure roots are protected from any harsh weather conditions.

It is also important to prepare the ground for new grass. This requires digging over and packing down the areas that you want to seed in the spring. Gardening expert Mantis sells a range of tillers that are ideal for turning your lawn, meanwhile the packing down process can be done by walking on the areas or using a roller.

Smarten up borders

winter 3During winter you can tidy your garden’s borders by moving or composting any old or misplaced plants. It is a good idea to cut back perennials to just above ground level, as this refreshes them and allows good regrowth in the spring. This Royal Horticultural Society guide offers more information on caring for your perennials during the off-season. It’s also worthwhile completely digging up annuals like petunias and marigolds, as this prevents them from wilting as temperatures drop.

Service your tools

winter 4Winter is an ideal time for servicing your machinery and cleaning tools ready for next season. You should check over your power tools to ensure that cables and plugs are in good working order, and check mowers by removing any stubborn debris with a stiff brush. It is also a good time to invest in new garden tools, as there are usually some great offers available during the winter.

Invest in pond netting

winter 5Image source, licence

Over the winter months, decomposing leaves and other dead foliage can fall into your pond. As they rot, they release gases that are harmful to wildlife. Invest in some pond netting so that you don’t have to remove dead foliage by hand, instead you can catch leaves before they have the chance to fall in. These nets and covers from Bradshaws Direct are available from £1.99 and can keep your pond foliage-free all winter.

Move delicate plants out of the cold

winter 6Delicate plants such should be lifted from your garden and moved out of the cold during winter. You should then clean the soil away from the plants and store them in compost-filled trays in a dry place. These trays from Plant Pots Direct are great for delicate plants such as dahlias and cannas. Then, by next year’s spring, they will be rejuvenated and ready to be replanted.

Winter might not be the most exciting season for gardeners, however it’s important to follow these essential steps to give yourself a good start to the spring.

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