Creative Decor Ideas Using Modern Wall Hangings & Tapestries

Modern day wall hangings and tapestries are incredibly versatile and they’re having a BIG moment in interiors. No wonder, when you begin to discover the huge range of designs and options on offer and the benefits they bring to your home. You can use them in so many creative and exciting ways, giving your home a fabulous bold personality and trendy style.

 Fill an empty or awkward space

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Bare walls are uninspiring. One option is to create a gallery wall, but a quicker and easier alternative might be to display some wall hangings. You can go extra large for more impact and they’re especially good at filling an awkward or unattractive space. A blank stair wall for example can be totally transformed by the addition of a bold, vertically hung wall tapestry. They’re also a fantastic way to disguise damaged decor or an uneven wall. If your home is lacking colour and pattern, use them to liven up a boring bedroom, living room, hallway, orangery, dining room, guest room etc – the list goes on, such is the versatility of this decorative home accessory!

Add style on a budget

Mud Cloth Design,

In these economically hard times, it’s sensible to look for cheaper options when it comes to decorating and furnishing a home. Some people love picking up junk shop furniture and transforming it creatively with paint and new handles. In a similar way, wall hangings can be a really cost effective option to use when updating your rooms. They can be counted on to give the wow factor, without blowing the budget. A painting or framed print can be really expensive to buy on top of the shipping costs. Using a textile wall hanging however as your decorative wall feature can be a fraction of the cost and makes delivery a lot easier. Similarly, if you move home the tapestries can easily move with you! Unlike a heavy framed picture or bulky canvas that could be damaged in transit, all you need to do with a tapestry or wall hanging is roll it up and you’re good to go!

Select from a wide choice of designs

Le Fleuriste de Botanique,

What I love about wall hangings and tapestries is that there’s a size, style or design for every kind of home. If you live in a traditional cottage or country style pad, you may favour a more vintage vibe, something reminiscent of an antique French tapestry perhaps. Whereas a light, bright and airy apartment would suit a more simple, style – e.g. a natural or monochrome textile hanging.  There are some really cool tapestries for kids and teenager bedrooms, too at Fine Art America – whether they’re into music, sport, movies. Perhaps you’d like a slogan design, to remind you of the important things in life. If you’re really not sure about the design, the Modern Bohemian trend is incredibly popular right now and is a style that works in practically any home as it is laid back and calming. You can tap into this look with a batik style design, teamed with Moroccan style ethnic rugs, leafy plants, glass lanterns and textured cushions.

Design your own custom tapestries

Did you realise you can even upload and create your own custom tapestries? A custom designed tapestry is something you should never get bored of, as it will have a special significance and therefore never go out of style. You can choose from different tapestry sizes and your custom tapestry can be ready to ship in as little as 2 – 3 business days to any destination in the world. So you can be sure of having something really unique and individual for your home in next to no time! Or why not consider ordering a personalised design for a friend or loved one as a really original gift idea.

Add texture and layers with ease

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

If your home feels cold and lacking in cosy vibes, then the tactile nature of a fabric wall hanging can add a softening effect and an extra dimension to your room for cosy comfort. After all, tapestries were originally used not only as artwork but to add a layer of insulation to draughty old walls. Don’t think of them only for walls, either. A beautiful textile wall hanging can adorn the head of a bed, instead of a traditional headboard or be used as a bedspread. You could drape one over a chest or table as a decorative covering or even hang one above the bed as a dreamy canopy. Other options include using them as window dressings or covering an old sofa or chair for an instant update. Think outside the box when it comes to adding layers to your home!

So as you can see, there are many benefits to wall hangings and tapestries and it’s not surprising they are a must-have accessory of the moment. And because they’re lighter to hang than a heavy picture, there is less chance of damaging the walls when you put them up (especially important if you’re in a rental property). They’re just an all round great option when it comes to updating and styling the home.

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