How to Pet Proof Your Home for a Senior Dog

Watching your faithful canine companion grow old can be tough for many owners and you will want to do everything you can to make sure they age gracefully and feel safe. As your dog gets older, many of their senses will start to weaken, such as their sight and hearing. They may also struggle to get up off the floor and make their way around the house. In order to help your ageing dog feel safe and more comfortable in their home, you will need to make some changes to their environment and lifestyle. For some inspiration, here is how to pet proof your home for a senior dog.

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Keep Floors Clear

If your senior pet is struggling to see and their movements have become less flexible, you should keep the floors clear by cleaning up any clutter. This will make it easier for them to manoeuvre around the home. You should always maintain a clear path to your dog’s food and water bowl and bedding and you should keep all of their belongings in the same place to reduce confusion. Creating a quiet zone for your dog will give them the chance to get away from loud noises and other stressful situations.

Upgrade Their Bedding

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Nothing is worse than waking up sore and stiff due to sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. As your dog gets older, investing in some soft and supportive bedding will ensure that they are sleeping well and have somewhere comfortable to rest. They may not be as agile as they used to be and in order to protect their joints, you should discourage your senior pet from jumping on the furniture and running up and down the stairs. By upgrading their bedding, you will be offering them a better alternative.

Buy Nonslip Rugs

Walking on slippery hardwood floors will not be easy for your dog as they get older. Putting down nonslip rugs and carpets will offer more traction as they walk around the house and protect their joints. Another great way to protect your dog’s joints is to invest in dog joint vitamins, such as YuMOVE. These dog joint vitamins are highly recommended by vets and pet owners. They contain glucosamine and chondroitin, which maintain cartilage and lubricate the joints, reducing stiffness in older dogs.

Work Their Minds

Just because your dog is getting older and has a little less energy, does not mean that they want to spend their time doing nothing. By playing with your pet and keeping them active, you will work their mind and keep their brain healthy. You can work your dog’s mind by investing in games, such as food puzzles and interactive games that require your pooch to use their brain and eat slower. Even if your pup finds it hard to move, a handful of short daily walks will keep them physically and mentally healthy.

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Following these steps will make your elderly pet’s life a little bit easier. If you are ever unsure about any changes to your dog’s health or behaviour, make sure you speak to your vet as soon as possible.

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