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Decorating Tips for Furnishing a Small Apartment

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Today’s guest post is all about enhancing small spaces and making the most of them.  Enjoy!

Property in the UK is not always known for its spaciousness, and cramped space can appear to be very problematic for many when it comes to decorating. But, having said this, even if you have a small apartment it needn’t be difficult to create a light, airy, and positive space to call ‘home’.  The following are several ideas to inspire you to see that restricted space in a whole new way, and create the look and feel that you most desire:

Pick a Colour Theme

Pick a colour theme and use this to highlight certain features and create a sense of continuity. For example, you can paint key pieces of furniture, which can be just as effective. You can also accessorise with lamps, bedspreads, floor coverings and decorative items with this colour.  The collective impact of a few subtle pieces can be quite significant when viewed together.

Be Creative with Storage

Floating shelves can be used to change up looks every so often, and they also mean less messy holes in the walls.  Additionally, they can be staggered for a different style and used for any number of purposes.  Also useful are back-of-door hanging racks, which can be purchased cheaply in a number of styles and colours, as they make use of wasted space behind doors and in cupboards in a temporary way, leaving no damage to walls.

Use Light Smartly

If you are lucky enough to be living in a property blessed with original features, like many of the properties offered by Linley and Simpson of Harrogate, then use them to your advantage. Light is an excellent way to do this, and the positioning of lamps can really illuminate that wonderful coving, or take the darkness out of an oddly shaped corner. Similarly, a string of coloured lights, draped strategically, can change the mood from ‘confined’ to ‘cosy’ with the flick of a switch.

Say “No” to Clutter

Coloured baskets, stylish racks and tiered, stackable, shelving systems can all be used as clever ways to tidy away clutter; but also double as feature pieces and a continuation of the colour theme. A reduction in clutter, and ensuring everything has its very own tidy place, helps create that sense of space and serenity that can be so hard to achieve in a small apartment.

Make Use of Mirrors

Mirrors can very easily create an illusion of space and brightness. Freestanding mirrors not only have a great vintage aura, they also work perfectly in the corner of dark rooms to help re-distribute window light. Similarly, try hanging a large feature mirror on the wall across from the window, positioned so that it can redirect light and give a sense of a bright open space.

Soft Furnishings

Picking suitable, soft, textured additions is an easy (and often inexpensive) way to create a luxury feel. For example, a large feature rug will invite people into the room and hide any nasty stains or ugly carpets. Curtains, scatter cushions and throws can likewise add instant feature points by giving a touch of personality and creating a sense of homeliness and luxuriousness.

Do not let a small home deter you from your interior design vision and desires. As you’ll have seen from the above info, with just a few simple tips, creativity and effective decorating hacks, you can achieve some wonderful things in confined spaces.

© Copyright 2015 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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