Denby Azure

Review: Azure Dinnerware from Denby

Post updated 12th March 2019:

Denby Azure
I’m typing this post with a lovely big mug of tea beside me, in my new Denby Azure mug.

The only Denby products I’ve tried before are our rectangular oven dish and lidded casserole which we use regularly to cook family meals.  They are brilliant – so durable and still looking shiny and new after a good few years.  I love how our food cooks in them too – browning nicely at the edges and keeping all the flavours in.

So I was excited to try a dinnerware set from Denby recently.  If you have seen the sheer range of designs and colours on the Denby website, you will appreciate I was a bit torn over which set to opt for.  An everyday or a more sophisticated dinner party type design?

My two favourites were the turquoise freshness of the Denby 16 Piece Azure Dinner Set which combines a white inner to the mugs and bowls and plate centres, contrasted with that jewel-like aquamarine that echoes the colour of the Mediterranean sea.

Azure dinner set Denby

The other set that caught my eye was the striking Denby Halo Dinner Set which features glossy black and an earthy, mottled pattern.  It’s really stylish and would look excellent in a sleek, modern kitchen or dining room. (Post update: I later tried some pieces from the Halo collection which you can see here.)

Denby Halo

The colour and pattern reminds me of a retro mug set my aunt had back in the 70s/80s that I really liked in a very similar pattern. I could imagine using the Halo set for a grown up dinner or more special occasions, so for day to day dining with the kids I opted for the Denby Azure collection, choosing the 16 piece Dinner Set which seemed practical and would mix in well with the white crockery we already had.

Denby Azure Review

The set of 16 items comprises 4 dinner plates, side plates, bowls and mugs.  The mugs are very generous and curvaceous.  You can really hug your mug of tea or coffee due to the gorgeous shape.  They are heavy, yet not cumbersome.  The bowls too have a lovely curvy shape and they are a great size for cereal, soup or pasta.

Denby Azure bowl

The dinner plates and tea plates are not overly large (26.5cm and 18.5cm diameter respectively), so you can serve sensible portions and they suit the whole family from little ones upwards.  They look so fresh, clean and traditional without being old-fashioned.  Of course as you expect with a quality brand like Denby, the finish is immaculate.  There is a lovely luminous quality to the glassy-smooth vitrified finish.  They are dishwasher safe (though repeated dishwashing may fade the colours) and microwave safe.  They look so nice when on display or in use!  If we have any breakages (hopefully not) it’s good to know I can buy the individual pieces.  I may in fact stock up on a few extras any way, to make this a six-person set.

Denby Review

Yes, Denby is a little expensive, so it is a more considered purchase, but also an investment I think.  The Denby heritage speaks for itself; with over 200 years of production you are assured by the good reputation of the brand and the quality.  With care, they will last for years, unlike many cheaper crockery sets.  Classic and distinctive, they don’t date and everybody recognises a Denby piece when they see it.  They make a wonderful gift to celebrate a wedding, special birthday or retirement.

As a slight variation to the classic Azure set, there is a really nice Denby Azure Haze collection – a really lovely alternative.

So, tell me which is your favourite Denby Dinner Set?  I’d love to know so do leave me a comment!

Thank you to Denby for sending a dinnerware set for the purposes of this review – all words and opinions are totally genuine and my own.


© Copyright 2015 Antonia, All rights Reserved. Written For: Tidylife
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