Easy Craft: Jam Jar Tealight Holders for Christmas

Jam jar candles

I’m not a big crafter, but if like me you dabble occasionally, here’s an easy make using something you would normally just recycle.

For the glitter tea light holder, I used an old plain glass one that we already had and just dipped the rim into some glue and then into the glitter

Make glitter tealight holders

Make glitter candle holders

With the smaller jam jar, I wrapped some frog tape (masking tape) near the base and sprayed on some white paint I had left over from another project for a ‘paint dipped’ effect, which is fashionable right now – you see it on woven baskets, wooden utensils, chair legs etc.

Dipped jam jar tealight holder

I also sprayed the lids white, although obviously you wouldn’t need the lids if you are lighting a candle in the jars.  But these jars can also look nice with cotton wool balls or cotton buds in them on a bathroom shelf, in which case you’ll need the lids.

I did the same with tape on the larger jar, but brushed on some silver paint I had.  Once it’s dry peel off the tape, add some twine/ribbons/Christmas gift tags such as baubles or snowflakes – whatever you want – and there you have it.

Jam jar decorations

And in use later…

Tealight jam jars

Those intricate snowflakes I actually made on a ‘Cricut Mini’ cutting machine.  If you don’t know what that is, here is the one I was very kindly sent by the wonderful Cricut team to try out at home on some craft projects.


It was my first attempt at using this brilliant little machine and once I get to grips with it properly I hope to be able to share some of the many ways it can be used to decorate and organise the home, with labels, embellishments and much more.

We normally only make snowflakes and cotton wool snowmen, so the tealight jars are a bit different and something we can use.  Are you a big crafter?  What do you like to make for Christmas?

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