Easy Ways to Remove the Junk From Your Life

We all have some level of junk in our lives, some more than others. We accumulate a lot of stuff as we get older, but we don’t necessarily need to keep it all forever, ‘just in case’. If you’re looking for a way to create more space in your home by removing the junk from your life, read on for some easy ways to do this: 

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Get An Outsider’s Perspective 

Perhaps what you need first of all, is an outsider’s perspective. This is your home and you’re under no obligation to listen to this person, but they might be able to help you figure out where your worst junk spots are and what to do about them. If you’ve lived in your home for a while, you’ll likely feel quite reluctant to change something you’re used to, even if it is just junk. Let somebody you trust tell you what they think could improve in your home and what you need to tidy up. 

Only Keep The Things That Make You Truly Happy 

Aim to fill your home with things that make you truly happy. For this to be the case, they should be useful or beautiful or both. If an item isn’t something you use, get rid of it. If you don’t like the look of it anymore, get rid of it. Don’t keep things for the sake of it. You’ll feel much lighter when you let go of these items, and you’ll make space in your home for items that you actually love, if you want to bring them in. 

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Tackle One Area Each Day

Don’t try to tackle the whole house right away. Pick one area and start with that, whether a room or a single drawer. Pick your junk drawer and focus on that for the day if you have to. This should be less intimidating than declaring war on the entire lower floor. It’s also a good idea to start from least sentimental items and work your way up to sentimental items, if you can bear to part with any. If you’re unsure, it could be a good idea to work with a removals company who will be able to take some of your items to storage. If more time goes by and you sort of forget about the items in storage, you know that you can safely sell them or give them away. 

Set A Timer 

Worried you won’t be able to get focused, or that you’ll become distracted? Set a timer! A timer is a great way to work intensely for a short amount of time, as it can help you to keep your mind on the work. It’s almost like a competition with yourself to see how much you can get done. Setting short timers with regular breaks can work well for any work you have been putting off. 

Invest In Better Storage 

Better storage can help you to keep the items you can’t get rid of safe. See if you can invest in items that double up as storage, such as beds with storage underneath, or even bathtubs. 

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