Festive Ideas To Complete Your Lounge This Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and you’re probably thinking about putting your Christmas decorations up – that is, if you haven’t given in already like many of us! The lounge is a room that’s frequently used, especially over the festive period as you open gifts with your family and entertain over the coming month. If you’ve got guests visiting, you’ll want your home, your living room especially to be warm, welcoming, and to boost the festive spirits. Take a look at these ideas to complete your space this Christmas.

Christmas inspiration
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Pull out your winter accessories

There’s nothing quite like drawing your thick winter curtains and cosying up as the nights draw in earlier, and now that the colder weather has well and truly set in, it’s time to bring out your thick winter throws and cushions. Having them readily available will encourage your guests to snuggle up and make themselves at home, and help add the perfect finishing touches to your lounge. Why not jazz things up by buying some Christmas-themed cushion covers to really help add to the Christmas vibe?

Decorate your fireplace

Whether you’ve got a real fire or a halogen heater on the wall, there’s something really magical about watching the fireplace glow as you warm up from the cold weather outside. Decorating your fireplace with garlands, Christmas ornaments, and even fairy lights can really help tie a room together over the festive period. If you’re lucky enough to have a real fire, you could use these instead of traditional firewood as they are versatile, clean, and unlike other heat logs, they don’t expand or crumble making them highly consistent and reliable. 

Set the mood with lighting

Harsh and bright lights can completely change the way a room feels when you walk into it, so thinking about how you’re going to light up your lounge is important. Lamps and your Christmas tree lights can really help create the perfect cosy look in your living room. Plus, who doesn’t love watching fairy lights twinkle away?

Christmas living room
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Alternatively, you could switch to smart lighting where you can change the brightness and the colour of your lightbulb. A smart lightbulb is often controlled by your mobile phone, so you wouldn’t even have to get off the sofa! Smart lighting companies like Aurora lighting offer a plethora of products that can transform your regular lighting solutions into smart lighting without the need to hire an electrician.

Tantalise the senses

Finally, if you really want to knock the socks off your guests with your inviting lounge, you should consider appealing to as many senses as possible. Lighting scented candles, scattering potpourri and melting wax melts are all efficient and cheap ways of making your room smell amazing. 

You could put on a playlist of your favourite Christmas songs to bring joy to everyone’s ears as they enter your home, and leave your iPod handy for guests that want to pick their own music. Appealing to as many senses as possible will totally wow your guests. Have a very Merry Christmas!

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