Three Hacks to Create More Space in a Tiny Flat

Back in the day, studio flats were usually occupied by single people. Nowadays, small flats are a fact of life for many young families who want to get a foot on the property ladder. More and more young couples are opting to buy affordable property at auction to get excellent value, rather than putting off buying homes until they can afford something spacious. On the other hand, many young couples are choosing to pay higher rent in order to live in a big city where opportunities abound. This also means small space living.

A small flat can be totally workable for a couple or family if you know how to use the space well. These tips will give you some tricks up your sleeve to make your tiny flat feel more spacious.

small space living
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Go Double Duty

One of the golden rules for small space living is: everything should do double duty where possible. This space-saving approach means everything in your flat does the work of at least two essential items. For example, a futon or daybed can serve in place of both a couch and a guest bed. A lidded footstool with a tray on top can also be a storage unit and a coffee table. When it comes to heating, combi boilers are a fantastic double-duty option. Not only does this single appliance heat your home, but it heats your hot water without the need to store water in a cylinder or storage tank.

Embrace Minimalism

Being brutal about what you actually need in your home can be a little painful when you first start the process, but once you’re done, you might look back at it as one of the most liberating experiences of your life. Even if you’ve already reduced the number of belongings you have in order to move into a small flat, there might be room for another cull. (When in doubt, Marie Kondo could help you work out what to clear out!) Once you start thinking hard about which of your possessions you actually use regularly, and which you forget about for months at a time, you’ll be amazed by how much unnecessary stuff you’re allowing to take up space in your home. Whether you choose to donate your extra stuff or put it into storage outside of your home, the extra space you create will be invaluable.

Ban Large Gifts

This might sound a little on the harsh side, but the last thing you need when you’re living in a small space is to be given large items… that you don’t actually need. Even an extremely well-meaning gift can make you feel cramped in a small flat when every square inch is already accounted for. If you have a gift-worthy occasion coming up, it’s perfectly reasonable to make your friends and family aware in the kindest possible way that your flat is very tiny, and that you would appreciate if they’d avoid gifting you large items. While at first, this might seem like a strange request, once you explain that you have given a lot of thought to every inch of space in your flat, they will understand.

Whether you’ve bought your own place or you’re renting in an exciting city, these tips will help you fit your family into a tiny flat.

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