Fire Doors: How important are they for your home?

Fire doors are important for saving you home, your family and your belongings from a fire. There are two major types of fire doors which include exterior and interior fire doors. Here is an explanation of what fire doors are and how they can help you keep your home safe from any unwanted fires.

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Fire doors are fire resistant doors or fire protective doors that are intended to either slow the spread of fire by obstructing the flow of oxygen or prevent the passage of smoke, heat, or flame. Fire doors can be shut to seal off a compartment from the remainder of a building which is vulnerable to fire. A fire door should not be confused with and should never be used as an emergency exit door. A fire door must not be propped open under any circumstance.

What kinds of fire doors are there?

You can find plenty of different internal door styles online but there are 3 main kinds of fire doors:

Ordinary Fire Doors: These are the types of fire doors one can find in a residential area or buildings. Ordinary fire doors have lower resistance to heat and offer little protection from serious fires. They are mainly used for the purpose of restricting the spread of fire, but they cannot guarantee complete protection from fire and smoke.

Sound-Proofing Fire Doors: Sound-proofing fire doors are specially designed to reduce noise transfer between rooms. Sound-proofing is important in places like recording studios, theatres and so on. For someone who is recording their album, it is vital that every sound heard from the room does not interfere with the recording.

Fire doors are doors that have fire-retardant properties for homes. Usually, fire doors are self-closing and fire-resisting. There are two kinds of fire door properties – FR and non-FR. FR or Fire Resistant is the first kind of safety door which is manufactured using material which has been tested by Underwriters Laboratories for rating as a 20, 30 or 90-minute door. A 20-minute door will last about 20 minutes before it starts collapsing due to the intensity of the heat generated by the fire.

There is a lot of confusion about the different types of fire doors. There is a big difference between fire doors and fire exit doors as well as the differing properties of fire doors such as fire rating. The purpose of this article is to clear up this confusion by identifying what are the main fire door types, their applications and properties.

Why are fire doors important?

Fire doors are a vital element of a structure that helps protect the firefighters who enter the building. They are also known as: fire walls, 1-hour fire barriers, or smoke and heat barriers. Fire doors are required by state and local regulations where they are identified in building codes. Fire doors offer an additional layer of protection for ordinary doors, and are a vital part of any building’s fire prevention plan. Fire doors are designed to slow the progress of a fire by keeping it contained within a certain area of your building, thereby preventing it from reaching other parts of your building.

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