Fireplace Design Trends 2022


The fireplace is sometimes classed as the heart of the home, and it’s easy to see why. It can be a space where we unwind on a cold winter night, a place to hand out presents at Christmas, a space to relax after a hard day, or simply a space to socialise with friends and family. It’s also a space that isn’t isolated during autumn and winter alone. In fact, you can find many ways to design your fireplace in a way that makes it stand out all year round. Below are some standout design ideas for 2022, from marble revival to modernist twists, check out the latest fireplace design trends: 

Stripped back contemporary 

Some of the most popular contemporary gas fires online are simple yet bold. Don’t be afraid to embrace simplicity with your fireplace, especially in 2022 when simplicity is making a big comeback. This way, you make big statements with larger items of furniture such as a colourful sofa or statement lampshade. 

The marble revival 

The marble mantlepieces and hearths have been dwindling in popularity over the years, but they’re back in full force for 2022. Marble comes in a large variety of styles and colours, making it the perfect choice no matter your aesthetic in your home. Marble comes with a glamour that can’t be beaten, especially when you choose it for your entire surround. 

Natural stone 

It makes sense that along with the houseplant revival of recent years, that nature-inspired looks would soon make a comeback in the interior design world. This year, many budding interior designers are turning to natural stone materials for their fireplace surrounds. Think muted beige and brown fireplace surrounds. Or, give it a modern edge by opting for a smooth grey slate. 

Integrated for maximum design

Integrated fireplaces are perfect for those with a minimalist eye for detail. These fireplaces are installed directly into your wall for a flush and plush experience. Integrating with your style perfectly, this trend for 2022 is popular among those with modern and minimalist styles. It’s also an eye-catching style that’s sure to get any guests talking. 

Contrasting colour palettes 

Choosing contrasting colour palettes can suit a range of tastes when it comes to aesthetics, and it’s a relatively easy and budget-friendly trend to follow. Opting for a neutral tone contrast will subtly highlight your fireplace and draw the eye, whereas a bold contrast can help to elevate your entire room. 

Dividing style 

Divider fireplaces in the home were a big interior design trend back in the 70s, but they’re slowly making a comeback in 2022. If you’re looking to renovate your home, then these types of fireplaces. 

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