The Benefits of Introducing Natural Tones into your Living Space

Welcoming spring into our lives, the focus turns to the blooming of vibrant flowers and being at one with nature. To incorporate this fresh, new feeling into your home, try introducing more natural tones into your living space, alongside warm or muted colours to create a little more interest. But what are the benefits of following the trend and bringing natural tones into your home? Read on to find out more.

White and Relaxation

More neutral tones are often the go-to colour choice for creating a relaxing environment. De-clutter and re-invent your space, by switching up the colour of your walls or textiles. Start off with a base colour of white, a colour which brings with it a clean feeling, opening up the room and bringing in more light. White is the perfect choice if you’re looking to renew a room in your house – feng shui expert Alexandra Lee explains that white is an “energy reviver” and can even be a “cure” for areas in your home that exude stagnant energy or appear too small to transform.

And if your home is too full of sticky hands and muddy paws to commit to any white furnishing, or even completely white walls, then even opting for a patterned wallpaper that predominantly features a shade of white will have a similar effect. To keep things more modern, an ivory damask wallpaper can create a sense of balance in any room, boasting a weaving floral pattern that has the potential to hide light stains or indentations caused by a busy household.

Grey and Strength

Grey is considered to be a predominantly calming colour, when incorporated correctly into your living space. It’s also a great option if you’re looking for a way to complement a pop of colour or statement piece, as it encourages a marriage between multiple shades. This is demonstrated perfectly by Pantone’s Colour of the Year selection which, this year, brings together two different colours – Illuminating (a shade of yellow) and Ultimate Grey. This pairing was forged in order to convey a message of “strength and hopefulness that is both enduring and uplifting”. With the grey tones supplying the assurance, a pop of yellow delivers a warmth that is perfect to make any house feel like a home.

Bring strength into your bedroom and invest in luxurious bedlinen in a grey tone. There’s nothing like a set of fresh, clean sheets – especially when the chosen design gives off the feeling of comfort and reassurance when you need it the most. Take Pantone’s advice and introduce some yellow scatter pillows to your bed, or perhaps a fluffy Illuminating throw, just to inject some positivity into the room.

Beige and Calm

Lee also believes that:

“Beige is perfect for a turbulent period in One’s life,

“… [used to] introduce calmness and certainty.”

This muted shade of brown is ideal for creating a sense of stability and growing energy to your space. Not quite as harsh as a solid brown, but with more substance than just a plain white, beige fabrics and furniture feel quite organic and are a great way to form a stimulating environment that helps you to remain cool, calm and collected.

Splash beige wallpaper or paint across your walls and you’ll be free to pick almost any colour of furniture without the worry of clashing. The calming nature of this tone will ensure that a room will never look overcrowded or overdone. It acts as a great base for any room, especially those where you often seek comfort such as the living room and bedroom.

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