Accessible interiors

Creating Accessible Interiors Without Compromising On Style

Whether you need to make your home more accessible for a loved one or for yourself, you don’t have to compromise on style, or even space for that matter. There are so many ways of incorporating accessibility into your home that can help you move around easily, or simply to help you around the house with smaller tasks, such as with food prep and other daily chores. 

Accessible interiors


Stairlifts are handy for a number of reasons, and can help you or loved ones with both getting up and down the stairs. You might be thinking that stairlifts are an eyesore and get in the way, however, you can find compact and handy staircases that don’t take up much room at all, such as the Otolift Two, which is compact, comfortable and customisable to suit your colour scheme. 

Fireside Chairs For The Living Room 

As well as items such as beds and stairlifts, you can also ensure that your home comforts are accessible and comfortable for yours or your loved ones needs. Fireside chairs for the living room can provide comfort, practicality and style. Originally used as a place to warm yourself by the fire, these chairs can be used as statement seats, reading chairs and more. They’re great for supporting the lumbar spine and can be paired with a footstool for added comfort. 

The Little Things

Need help around the house? Living aids for the home come in handy for when you’re prepping food in the kitchen, when you’re pottering around the house or when you’re talking with friends and family on an accessible phone. Small things can make a world of difference, and today there are so many items aimed at helping with with smaller things around the house that you can comfortably live in your home without outside help. 

Accessibility In The Bedroom

Struggle to get in and out of bed? Why not opt in for an accessible hospital bed? Adjustable beds are perfect for low movement in the lumbar spine and can promote rest and comfort when you need it the most. These beds don’t need to be bulky and can be accompanied by throw pillows in order to match your decor. 


Although it’s not something a lot of people talk about, accessibility in the bathroom is important. It’s technically one of the most dangerous rooms in the house when you struggle with limited movement, and wet floors can cause slips and trips during bathing. Consider adding non-slip mats and other accessories to your bathroom in order to promote accessibility for yourself or loved ones. 

Guest post by Gina Kay Daniel for Millercare

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