Why A Trip To Europe Is An Excellent Travel Plan

Have you always dreamt of visiting Europe, but you’re skeptical about visiting it during the winter holiday season? This article might help you decide if travelling to Europe in winter is the right thing for you. 

There’s nothing more relaxing than walking under the August sun on the sides of the Grand Canal in Venice or eating a croissant on a September morning in Paris. But winter travel in Europe has its own charm because some European cities are simply magical during the holiday season. And where do you count that some destinations aren’t swarming with crowds as they do during summer? (If you don’t count the Christmas markets.) Suppose you’re tight on the budget; you might even find visiting Europe during the winter the best solution to explore the old continent without breaking the bank. 

Here are the main reasons why a trip to Europe during the holiday season is a good idea. 

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It’s more affordable

First off, suppose you want to be practical, the main reason for visiting Europe during the winter is that it’s more affordable. Depending on your destination, airline tickets tend to cost less during the off-season, and many accommodation facilities offer discounts to attract tourists. Why would you refuse such an offer?

Tip: When you book accommodation in colder weather, search for hotels or other facilities with cosy interiors and charming dining spaces, so you won’t have to leave the premises if the blizzard hits one evening. 

While the cold season is the cheapest to visit Europe, the holidays could be an exception if you travel to a popular destination like Paris, London, or any other town with a well-known Christmas market. However, if your budget allows it, add the Christmas markets to your to-see list. 

Sightseeing is a pleasure

Visiting London in the winter might sound like a crazy idea, but it’s charming, especially if you want to see the Christmas market. If you tour through Europe during the holiday season and want to see the Christmas market London take a train because it’ll delight your eyes with some of the most wonderful sights. Train travel allows you to move around Europe smoothly while admiring the landscape and enjoying the beauties Europe offers when the snow falls. 

Paris is another magical city to visit during the winter holidays. If you want to see the Eiffel tower or the Louvre, you’ll find they’re less crowded during the cold season than in the summer, even if Paris is a popular Christmas destination. 

Fewer people walking around also means you’ll get the perfect shots for your Instagram feed because you won’t have to wait ages for the tourists to move out of your shot. 

Christmas markets look magical

Yes, during the winter, you won’t be able to enjoy some of the natural attractions of Europe or sunbathe on the Mediterranean beaches. Still, you’ll be able to indulge in something you won’t get during the warmer months. The European Christmas markets have a charm of their own, especially if you’re enthusiastic about the holiday season. Sparkling cobbled streets, carollers singing, red roofs covered with snow and lights, Christmas trees decorating the markets, and the smell of mulled wine, are truly enchanting. We promise that once you’ll tour Europe during the winter season and visit a place like the Christmas market Brussels, you won’t want to travel to Europe at any other time of the year. You can drink your coffee in the morning in one of Brussels’ cosy cafes and watch the people basking in the snow through the window. You can even go ice-skating with your family or drink traditional mulled wine to warm your body because we won’t lie to you; winters can be chilly in Brussels. 

The Northern Lights are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime

We bet seeing the Northern Lights has been on your bucket list for a couple of years, but you have never been brave enough to travel to Europe during extremely cold weather to witness them. However, this is the only time of the year when the Scandinavian countries can make your dream come true, so you should get your courage and add Finland, Sweden, or Norway to your itinerary. If you want a magical experience, sleep in a glass igloo and watch the aurora borealis throughout the night. You won’t probably sleep all night being too caught up with sightseeing the Northern Lights, but they’re worth the effort. 

If you don’t want to sleep in a glass igloo, make sure to book accommodation somewhere remotely because the main condition for seeing the Northern Lights is for the sky to be clear, and the pollution from the cities is a huge impediment. 

Festivities and parties

All European countries celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and the ways of celebrating the two events are numerous and unique. You can choose which celebration way fits your preferences best. There are so many options, from a crazy party in Brussels to a romantic dinner in Paris and a cosy night in a mountain cabin in Finland. 

If you decide not to visit Europe during the holiday season but want to glimpse the continental traditions and celebrations, February and March are also great to travel to Europe. The Venice Carnival is famous worldwide, and we promise you’ll have a wonderful time. The European Carnivals are rebirth festivals organised around the entire continent. Although the Venice Carnival is the most popular one in Europe, the ones from Cadiz, Tenerife, Patras, Cologne, Barcelona, and Binche are also thrilling. 

Did we convince you yet?

While some of you might love to visit new destinations during sunny and warm times, some might think that the summer days are overrated and prefer the magical and snowy time of the winter. The cold gives you an excuse to indulge in traditional food and encourages more intimate experiences. 

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