Review: Vileda Park & Go Ironing Board

Confession time, I hate ironing! (I’m sure I’m not alone there…)

The funny thing is, though, I used to really enjoy ironing my clothes when I was younger and only had my own wardrobe to think about! After I got married and had 3 sons, ironing quickly lost its appeal and if I can get away with not ironing to save time, I will. Luckily, tumble dryers and easywear clothing means a lot of my boys’ stuff can be hung up straight from the dryer and any creases fall out.

But things like crisp cotton shirts have to be ironed, don’t they? As with anything, having the right ‘tools of the trade’ makes a job easier and saves time, which is what I’m all about!

Having had a basic ironing board for many years, we’d also been using a travel iron lately as our full sized iron had packed up. Not an ideal set up, so I was pleased to get the chance to review the Vileda Park & Go Ironing Board.

I even treated the family to a new full size iron, too!

The Park & Go Ironing Board is bigger than our previous board, but that’s good because my kids are growing and items like pairs of jeans are getting longer in the leg. So there is plenty of surface room. This board also feels far more sturdy, making it safe and strong to handle any amount of usage.

And although a good size, it’s not too heavy to handle and I found it nice and simple to put up and down. There is an easy to grab red handle underneath the top of the board which you pull out to release the stand and adjust to the right height. It feels smooth to operate.

The fabric top looks really nice with its fresh colours and contemporary design. It is amply padded for ease of ironing and to help protect clothes. With its metallic ‘parking zone’ this clever section of the board’s top means you can temporarily park your iron for convenience; helping you to move through piles of clothes or laundry at a quicker pace, which I found a big positive.

Key Features of the Park & Go Ironing Board by Vileda

  • For quick & comfortable ironing – easily adjustable
  • Click and stop kid safe locking system
  • Cotton cover with decoration and metallic temporary park area for the iron
  • Foam padding for a smooth ironing surface
  • Ironing surface 120 x 38 cm

I’m not going to claim this ironing board has reignited my fondness for ironing, however the thought of having to iron something doesn’t fill me with dread anymore! As I tend to find with all Vileda products, the Park & Go Ironing Board is well made, reliable and really good quality, with features that help make the task in hand quicker and easier. Vileda is a name I trust for hardwearing, robust products that won’t let you down when it comes to cleaning and running a busy home.

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