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Four Easy Ways to Add Kerb Appeal to The Exterior of Your Home

Red front door

Summer is a great time of the year to add a little ‘pizazz’ to the front of your home. Nothing says a home is well cared for and loved like a welcoming exterior. Perfectly placed lighting, accessories, driveway accents; it all adds up to make your property look and feel beautiful. Adding a few new elements to the front of your house may even help increase the value. So here are four easy ways to add more kerb appeal to the exterior of your home:

Easy Care Greenery and Flowers

You can easily add pops of colour and life to the front of your house by planting some green plants and cheerful flowers. This is an inexpensive way to liven up the exterior of your home. And if you aren’t into digging holes in the ground, you can purchase a few planters – even get them second hand at junk shops or salvage yards – and fill them with bright and beautiful flowers. They are easy to care for and easy to move around as you see fit.

Spruce Up Your Path

Every home has a natural path to the front door. If yours isn’t already established by some kind of brick, rock or stone inlay, consider adding one to your walkway to make it come to life. Bricks and stones come in all shapes and sizes and you can probably get them on sale or for clearance, especially at the end of the warm season. If you can’t afford to line your entire walkway with some kind of stone, consider trimming it out along the edges so that there is a clear definition of where the path ends and the lawn begins.

Adding a New Front Door

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As your guests walk up your new path, you’ll want them to be greeted by a brand new outside door. While this is likely the most elaborate investment you can make to the front of your home during a mini renovation, it has the most impact as well; especially if you change your the colour, material or style of your door in any dramatic way. Consider that plants and lighting may be temporary, but an external door is an actual investment in the quality of your home. Don’t skimp on this piece when you are ready to change it.

Light It Up

Lighting can be super easy and affordable. There are all kinds of lighting options to bring your lawn, path and even your patio to life. Lighting, especially mood lighting or accent lighting, is very warm and welcoming. Imagine illuminating your newly paved path with solar peg lighting, or low level stair lights on any steps to your home. So pretty!  You can purchase lighting at a relatively low price and see just how it enhances the exterior of your home. Don’t forget about placing lights under trees and bushes, as well as in flower beds or flower pots to really highlight these features.

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