10 Cheap & Simple Home Decor Hacks

Looking to jazz up your home decor a bit, but finding yourself a little strapped for cash? Redecorating your house doesn’t need to be enormously expensive – in fact, you can do it without spending very much at all by using the 10 cheap and simple hacks below! Homes are meant to be lived in, so you want yours to be a place where you feel completely comfortable. From building a new piece of furniture to simply changing the lampshades, here are some of my favourite ideas.

1. Attend Estate Sales

If you’re after cheap furniture, then you should definitely be attending estate sales. Check Facebook pages on local events and check local newspapers to see if there are any happening in your area. This could be a source of some fantastic bargains.

2. Makeshift Shelves

You’ll find that a lot of businesses have excess wood to dispose of. Finding cheap wood (and other resources) isn’t too hard. What can you make out of wood? Why, bookshelves of course! They’re one of the easiest pieces of furniture to make yourself, so it’s well worth looking into.

3. Luxury Tea Trays

Are you about to throw away that old mirror? Well, instead of doing that, save the glass and repurpose it into a luxury tea tray! With a bit of felt and some other minor adjustments, you can make it safe to hold and you’ll have a very nice accessory on your hands.

4. Fairy Lights & Jugs

If you want to have some DIY lighting in your home, all you’ve got to do is pop some fairy lights into some old discarded jugs. They look nice and artsy and give a warming and inviting glow to the room.

5. Save Your Old Bottles

On a similar note, consider saving empty bottles too! Bottles have plenty of lovely home decor uses. You can stick a candle on the top and have them serve as a candle holder. You can repurpose them into tumblers, torches or vases. Maybe you’d like to try something a little more ‘out there’ and add some fluorescent fluid, or wrap them up in yarn? The tops even make great shot glasses.

6. Re-Paint Your Front Door

You may not realise it, but your front door has a significant impact on how people perceive the outside of your house. By simply repainting your front door (perhaps a nice bright colour) you’ll be able give your exterior an instant revamp.

7. Create the Illusion of Space With Mirrors

Do you think your living room looks a little dingy and small? Well, if that’s the case, why not try adding a lovely mirror to one of the walls? A nice big one. If you clear away one wall to make room for a mirror, all of a sudden the room looks a lot more spacious.

8. Clear Top Surfaces

If you enjoy a minimal look, why not build a clear-topped table to go in the centre of your living room? Transparent perspex sheet is more robust and affordable than glass: recommended if you’re accident prone or have kids running around. Build the base from clear perspex as well, or find one made from wood or metal for a more traditional look.

9. Switch Up Your Lampshades

Changing the lampshades you use will have quite an impact on the lighting in the room. New lampshades could completely change your perception of a room and you won’t really have to spend very much on them at all!

10. Get crafty with felt

Felt is a surprisingly versatile material that can be used for all kinds of textiles and craft projects. Use it to create and sew a new cushion cover, use it on flooring and upholstery – you can even make flowers out of felt in beautiful bright colours that will never wilt. The same goes for paper, ideal for those on a budget and perfect for making garlands, pom-poms, chains, bunting and even origami.

These ten ideas are all quite affordable on a strict budget and won’t take you too long to carry out either. There are a lot of small things you can do around the house which actually make a very big difference to the way a room looks and feels. Often this can also have a large impact on your stress and happiness levels. What tips do you have to share for redecorating your home on a budget?

Guest Contributor: Hollie Jones

Hollie Jones is one of the two bright young minds behind the Hollie and Ivy blog. She’s a natural creative and is interested in all things lifestyle. Her creative instincts carry over into home decor, as you can see from this article. She likes to think that everything she writes will help somebody in some way.

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