Get Started With Smart Home Security This Holiday Season

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Do you prioritize security at home? Is it something you worry about?

In these dark, wintry months, with Christmas just around the corner, being extra vigilant and home security conscious is so important. Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do to protect our properties, by implementing some smart security and taking a few precautions that will give peace of mind to you and your family.

Read on to discover more and we’ll take a closer look at one smart home product in particular, the Hive View Outdoor Camera.

A Bit About Hive

Hive has a whole range of smart tech products, some of which you may already be familiar with – such as the popular Hive Active Heating. With Hive, you can easily build a smart home that not only keeps your things safe, but keeps you informed, too, even when you are away.

If you’d like to control your home better and make life easier, that’s where Hive Homeshield comes in, letting you set your alarm, lighting etc remotely from your phone. Get notifications and alerts, livestream from your cameras to your device and more. It gives you the freedom to monitor and control your home from anywhere. So if you are away this Christmas, you can relax knowing that your home is protected. You can get started with Hive HomeShield for £9.99 per month and connect all your Hive devices!

Hive View Outdoor Camera

With the festive holidays fast approaching, it’s an unfortunate fact that homes are more likely to be targeted. You may well be heading off to visit or stay with friends or family, so want your home to be safe and secure.

One precaution you can take to protect your property is by installing the Hive View Outdoor Camera. I’m a big fan of smart home tech, so was excited to try the camera out and it was very simple to set up ourselves, taking less than an hour.

This clever outdoor smart camera may be small, but it is powerful, able to livestream whoever is at your door, in HD. You simply position the camera in a place that gives you the visual coverage you desire and download the Hive app to get started. Sensors ensure that you receive an instant notification if the camera detects a person, sound or motion.

You can set up a monitoring schedule and the app is user-friendly, we were able to navigate around it quickly.

As you can see the camera is very discreet and compact; it’s a hardy little device, too, able to withstand rain and dust as well as temperatures ranging from -20 to +45 degrees.

As soon as your outdoor security camera detects a person on the property, it will send you a notification with an image of the person. As well as the HD video, it has a wide-angle lens meaning you can get a good look at whoever is on the doorstep. You can choose the area you wish to survey; for us we’ve set the camera just above the downstairs bay window which affords us a really good view of whoever is at the door, plus you can zoom in for a better look.

The camera also allows you to answer your door from wherever you are, with its two-way audio. Which could be useful when needing to tell a delivery driver where to leave your parcel, for example.

With Nighttime Vision, which can detect people up to 15ft away, the camera therefore works day or night and another surprising fact is that there’s a sounds feature that creates a dog bark or siren – which might just be enough to deter a burglar from going any further than your front door!

What Other Home Security Steps Can We Take?

As well as investing in an outdoor camera, you could add a smart indoor camera to your system. This is not only good for alerting you to potential intruders but allows you to observe your pets when you’re not at home!

Installing a motion sensitive security light outside is a simple but effective deterrent, plus indoor lights on a timer can fool someone into thinking you’re home even when you’re not. Do your locks work, or do you need extra ones? What about window locks? Don’t give people easy access opportunities. Keep your gates/porch locked and hedges trimmed so would-be intruders can’t hide. If you haven’t got one already, it is worth setting up a neighbourhood watch or street Whatsapp group to keep an eye out for neighbours.

Be safe during the holidays by taking a bit of time to assess and improve your home security… It is so important!

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