Transform Your Mood By Transforming Your Living Space

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The effects your environment can have on your mental wellbeing can’t be understated. Humans are visual creatures drawn to comfort – if you don’t give your body the home it deserves, you may find your mental clarity suffers in turn. With so many of us working from home nowadays, it’s more important than ever that your home is a space where you can feel your best. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to give your home that extra boost it may be missing and revitalise your lifestyle for the better. 

Comfort is the name of the game

Discomfort can be a recurring irritant, especially when you’re busy trying to live your life to the fullest. Whether this be a stiff spine or creaky neck, feeling the adverse effects of your furniture physically can bleed into all aspects of your life. At the end of the day, your mental wellbeing is sometimes reliant on your physical wellbeing too. 

If physical discomfort is a persistent theme in your life, it might be time to look into changing up your furniture. Is your sofa old and lumpy? Taking a look at some new, luxury sofas could be the upgrade you’ve been waiting for- your back may thank you. 

It’s not just visual 

While a clean, uncluttered environment can help lead to a clean, uncluttered mind, it’s important that you look beyond the physical when transforming your spaces. Sometimes it’s easy to tidy your area and call it a day- but by looking closer you can uncover even greater depths of comfort. 

A little known secret is that your home’s smell is actually an incredibly influential factor on your general vibe. There are a number of ways to change up your home’s scent depending on your goal. Cleaning up regularly, lighting a candle or two, and keeping indoor ventilation at a good level can massively contribute to the general air quality of your space. 

Wellbeing is a state of mind

Try as we might, sometimes we need to face the facts that your home can only influence so much. Maintaining your own mental wellbeing isn’t always an easy thing to achieve. It takes some hard work and dedication- but the rewards are more than worth it. 

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, try removing yourself from the home. Fresh air, some light exercise, or even a spot of mindfulness might be the push you need to change your outlook on things. If you change yourself internally, you might even find that your outlook on your surroundings transforms alongside it. 


Our living spaces and moods share an undeniable connection. If you want to kick start some new habits or lifestyles, your living area could be the best place to start. At the same time, remember that the mind is a fickle creature. It can be hard to figure out what exactly works best for you. With a little bit of trial, error, and introspection, you’ll be guaranteed to revitalise your mood, home, and life in time for the new year.

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