Getting your Conservatory Christmas Ready

Xmas conservatory
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With Christmas just a few weeks away, now is a great time to start planning ahead for all the festivities and preparing your home for guests, including getting your conservatory Christmas ready.

Useful Extra Space

A conservatory can be an ideal space to make the most of over Christmas.  Whilst some people may feel theirs is more of a summer room and less usable during the winter months, I would disagree – you can make a conservatory a very warm and welcoming space and somewhere to relax in over the holidays.  With extra people in the house, it can be such a useful overspill area, too – and if your conservatory has a radiator or underfloor heating, it can be the perfect place to decorate and enjoy a family Christmas dinner, or even put up guests overnight on a sofa bed.  Installing some blinds can solve any problems with privacy and help to keep the heat in.

With space generally at a premium in modern day homes, a conservatory can also be the place you can indulge in having a large Christmas tree and with all that glass surrounding it, the fairy lights on your tree will reflect beautifully at night time, creating a twinkly winter wonderland that children will love!

Make It Cosy

Viewing a frosty garden from the conservatory with a cup of hot chocolate is one of the most pleasant ways to spend an idle half hour, so make sure you cosy up the room and ensure you have a coffee table, some comfortable seating, a rug and a few blankets in a basket.  A foot stool or pouffe would be an extra nice addition to ensure you or your guests really chill out.  You don’t have to stick to patio style furniture in your conservatory; why not indulge in a comfy corner sofa or bring in a chunky oak dining table for a rustic look?  Adding some traditional Christmas plants such as Poinsettia and natural decorations like a wreath or centrepiece with sprigs of holly collected from the garden will enhance that lovely ‘garden room’ feel, bringing a little of the outdoors in.

Decorate in Style

Adding berry red decorations will contrast beautifully against white conservatory frames for a traditional yet fresh, Scandi look, creating a perfect ambience.  Usually a conservatory will have a good roof height, so you can suspend gorgeous hanging decorations such as inexpensive paper stars and giant snowflakes that look beautiful and impressive when grouped together at varying heights.


As the days are short, lighting is an important factor, too, so think about whether you need an extra table lamp or floor lamp and with all those inner frames, rails and sills you can go to town adding lots of lovely garlands, Christmas lights and hanging tealight holders that will all look a treat during the evening.  Add some mulled wine scented candles for an extra sensory delight.

If you don’t have a conservatory, but are considering building one, I can’t recommend it highly enough – we are so glad we invested in ours, it has certainly paid for itself and we are looking forward to creating a lovely Christmas conservatory this year.  Now can be a great time to shop for a good deal on luxury and bespoke DIY conservatories – cheaper than an extension and in some ways much more versatile, I’m certain you would not regret the additional space and endless options having one can provide.

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