Modernizing A Period Home – 3 Things You Should Know

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Extending a property can be a very exciting and passionate project. However, it’s not always as easy from property to property. Perhaps a home in the middle of a rural environment may seem easy to extend due to the lack of neighbours who may protest it, but at the same time, the local housing authority may have designated this area as a place of outstanding natural beauty, causing any construction you wish to apply more of a pipe dream than reality.

Then we have extensions in suburbia where planning permission is also mitigated by the acceptance of the neighbours around. And then there are matters of ethics, namely, if you should extend a home artificially, perhaps a period house with hundreds of years of history behind it. After all, it can be hard to keep the character of said home intact without careful planning and a true intent for your actions.

Thankfully, modernizing and extending a period home is a possibility, to the point where nothing is taken away and everything is greatly enhanced. Let us consider what steps you may take to achieve that:

Invest In Experienced & Celebrated Architects

If you are undertaking a job as delicate as this, you need to know you are making the right decisions. Unless you have real experience managing a similar project like this before, even those with extension experience might find that their skills are not enough. This is why investing in high quality residential architects to help you plan the new space in keeping with the prior design philosophy of the home can help you avoid nasty issues and that sinking feeling in your gut when you know you’ve made a mistake. This can also help you avoid months of reparative work, so they almost pay for themselves for the most part. When you invest in these professionals, you are making a careful choice to better your outcome.

Modern Function, Period Design

With good planning you can incorporate modern kitchen appliances, perhaps hiding them away behind cupboard doors in keeping with the style and age of the property. Even the latest hi-tech TV designs can blend in, for example a modern bezel-less television can look fantastic paired with a reclaimed wooden TV unit. Additionally, consider the ratio of modern to period in your home. For example, large traditional floor tiles can offset or minimise the presence of a coffee machine. As always, keeping the colour scheme cohesive and the area clutter-free will make for the most pleasing visual feedback.


Simply because a home is a period property does not mean you can’t revamp and develop it. Replacing the roofing felt can keep your home insulated without having to damage the structure of the roof; the same goes for replacing the insulation in your kitchen walls. Remember, modernizing isn’t always about purchasing the latest tech item and being obsessed with aesthetics, but simply keeping your home up to scratch as it deserves to be.

With this in mind, you’re certain to modernize a period home effectively.

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