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Hidden Renovation or Extension Issues

Increasingly, in the UK, people are opting to update or extend their homes rather than move. Understandably, people do not want the cost and upheaval of moving and the worry of trying to find a place in a good school for the children.

Home improvement home renovation

In addition, the increase in house prices means that it makes economic sense for people to extend or improve their properties. These days the cost of the work is more easily covered by the value that is added to the property. You should talk to a reputable construction company about your building project. But generally speaking, extending your home is often a good move. However, there are some hidden issues that you need to think about before going ahead with your extension or renovation.

Adding the new room to the existing heating system

Most people do not want to have to install a new heating system when they have a loft conversion done, convert a storeroom or build an extension. It is far cheaper to extend the existing heating system.

Before doing so there are a few things you need to check. For example, does your existing boiler have sufficient capacity to reach the new radiators? How and where will you make the join between your existing system and the new radiators? If you are planning to join plastic pipes to old copper ones it is possible, but you will need to find the right compression fittings to do that.

Don’t run out of money

We mentioned cost earlier and the fact that home improvements can add value to your home. This is a positive, but we should also mention the fact that many people have money problems when the carry out a major project in their home.

The issue is that people run out of money. It is never wise to plan to spend every penny. You need to set aside at least 10% of your budget for hidden extras. If in any doubt that this is necessary just watch a few episodes of Grand Designs or Houses Under the Hammer and you will see what we mean. Virtually everyone goes over budget when carrying out a major home improvement project. Sadly, you likely will too, so it is wise to have some fall back cash available.

Your future needs

If you are extending your home or changing the use of a room, think about how you might like, or need to use it, in the future. For example, when your teenager has grown up and left home will your garage extension become a home for an elderly relative? If that is even a remote possibility, be sure to think about providing wheelchair or mobility safe access to the extension and within the property. Future proofing your home also makes it more saleable.

Building regulations

Most people realise that they need to get the right planning permission and ensure that the work they carry out complies with existing building regulations. This approach is fine, but it may also be worth looking at the regulations and standards that are in the pipeline too. That way if the work takes a while your work will still pass the new standard. It also makes your property more attractive should you want to sell at a later day.

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