Vintage Wedding & Superhero Styling with the 3M Command Party Range

Party_Styling_3MA little while back, I was contacted by 3M who were launching some clever new products to help with party decorating and they invited me to take part in a creative project to put their handy new accessories to the test.  The 3M Command party range is ideal for dressing a room or venue for a celebration as the products are easy to use and designed to avoid any permanent marks or damage to the walls and ceiling.

All of us throw parties at some point in our lives, and I’m sure many of us would love to go to town decorating a space for a special occasion, but fixing things to the wall can cause plenty of headaches.  Brass tacks or nails always leaves unwanted holes and sticky tape and sticky pads don’t have the staying power for more elaborate displays.  The new 3M products really make it simple to put up your party products and once everything is taken down, you’d never know they had been there!

I came up with a couple of party ideas to show how the range could be used.  First, I styled a simple, vintage-inspired wedding scene:


As well as balloons and tissue pom poms, I had chosen some gorgeous party products from the Afternoon Tea range at The Party Company; a very vintage-looking set of disposable tableware (no washing up afterwards!).  The paper plates really do have the appearance of vintage tea plates, so I thought it would be nice to stick some to the wall as decorative features.


To do this, I simply attached some 3M Command Party strips to the back of the plates and pressed them on to the wall.  To remove them later, all you need to do is stretch the strip slowly downwards and they will come off cleanly, leaving no holes, marks or sticky residue.  They can be applied to most smooth surfaces such as painted walls, glass, window frames, metal and wood, without the need for any unsightly pins or fixings.

3M_party_productsThe lovely cake stand complimented the tableware perfectly; it’s the Three Tier Regency Cake Stand from Dotcomgiftshop (be quick if you want one, it’s currently reduced from £29.95 to just £9.95!).  It looks genuinely vintage and is something I’ve used lots since we got it.  The bunting was also from Dotcomgiftshop.


The beautiful glass test tube vases on rustic twine were from Rowen & Wren and I placed a single bloom in each one and hung them up using a Command Party Ceiling Hook.  The hook is affixed using one of the same sticky strips that are easy to remove when the party is over.

Test_Tube_VasesNo party is complete without balloons and the Command Balloon Bunchers are a great way to display them in groups.

balloon_buncher_3MBunting was very easily strung up using ceiling hooks at each end and party banner anchors in between, which you can wrap your bunting string or cord around to create some height variations.  The fun tissue pom poms have a little loop for hanging, so again the ceiling hooks were ideal for those.  Finally the mini spring clips did the job of holding some cards I printed out vintage style letters on to spell out the words ‘WE DO’.


3M_Party_ProductsThe next party idea I styled was a fun Superheroes Party, ideal for young comic book fans.  This is another range from the Party Company with a fantastic on-trend pop art style.  The Command products allow you to go to town with your decorating without having to worry about the impact on your home or damage to a hired hall or venue.

As well as using all the same Command products as before (they are reusable thanks to their assorted refill strips) I applied a Night City Wallsticker from Tenstickers which made a nicely themed focal point on the wall above the party table.


Picking some tissue pom poms in the traditional comic book colours, I printed off some typical comic book phrases and exclamations and stuck them onto the front of the tissue pom pom for added impact.



Superhero_Party_IdeasWhen my boys got home from school to an unexpected superhero party, they were thrilled!  The cakes and biscuits did not last long…


Now, with Halloween just around the corner I know all these 3M Party Decorating products will come in very handy in helping us to decorate our house and make it spooky!

Thanks to 3M Command for a fun and creative collaboration and you can see some more party rooms using the products over on the 3M website now.

List of Suppliers:

Command Strips  /  The Party Company  /  Dotcomgiftshop  /  Rowen & Wren  /  Tenstickers

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