Holiday Essentials: My 7 Summer Holiday Heroes!

I thought I would do a quick post to share the things I found invaluable on our recent summer holiday to Mallorca.

It’s 3 years since our last holiday and I felt a bit out of practice, so if you are too then I’m sure you’ll not regret taking these items away with you!

This post contains affiliate links, if you click on any recommended items and make a purchase I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you – thank you!

A Straw Hat

Being pale as I am in the Mediterranean summer sun, there’s no way I could do without a hat. The older I get the more sun aware I am – even with factor 50 sun protection and a hat, my face has caught some colour and my freckles have multiplied (which as cute as freckles normally are, I’m trying to minimise them now to avoid getting patches of hyperpigmentation).

A hat is also essential to protect hair colour! I had a tint and a few highlights before the holiday, so was keen to keep the sun from lightening it all too much, so this is your best defence to protect a fresh hair colour.

My hat was a bargain from the M&S outlet (they have a similar straw wide brim hat online here) and it was versatile; I wore it most days either when walking around in the daytime sun or just relaxing on a sun lounger. It was squashy too so I could shove it in my hand luggage and beach bag and it still kept it’s shape, so that’s something to look out for. Get a more bendy hat rather than a stiff and crunchy one!

You can find some similar, good value hats in my Amazon summer holiday collection.

A Roomy Beach Bag

I picked up my Beige striped beach bag from H&M and it was just £12.99. Very spacious, I used it to carry my hat, a few beach towels, suncream, book, purse, phone, snacks and water, even a change of clothes etc – I chucked everything in and it was used every day and stayed looking nice. It’s cotton so can be washed and I will definitely use it again on my next beach trip!

Thin Beach Towels

Who has room in their case for a stack of thick beach towels? As a family of 5, not us – so I was on the hunt for thin towels. I managed to pick up a few cheap ones at Dunelm, but the best performers were the two I already had at home. Both had been gifted but I would 100% buy in the future when we need new beach towels. They were a Turkish towel from Multilocal, which is a luxury, top quality, stylish towel for the beach – also very large and soft to the touch.

The other towel I loved using was a lightweight, sandfree and absorbant Dock & Bay towel. Both towels are a bit of an investment compared to regular beach towels, but for their excellent qualities you definitely get what you pay for. You can browse some Dock & Bay towels in my Amazon shop.

Nuxe Dry Oil

Omg, life saver! A little bottle of elixir that I will not be without these days… I already had a large bottle of multi-purpose dry oil, but got a small Florale bottle of Nuxe dry oil in a recent M&S summer offer and took that one on holiday as it was smaller to carry. I now prefer it to my larger bottle as the smell is so nice – softly floral and delicious.

This is such a versatile oil, my skin is a little on the dry side so a touch of oil on my face, after my moisturiser gives a luminous glow to my skin which I love. I put it on my bare shoulders too in the evening and it makes your skin look and smell really good. Whatever residue is left on my hands, I then run through my hair and it sorts out flyaway strands, without being at all greasy. It is an all round wonder and you only need a couple of drops or a quick spray each time.

There is also a shimmery version which I am now tempted to try… with iridescent golden particles to illuminate the skin and hair, it sounds like the perfect oil for highlighting those shoulders, cheekbones and collar bones to give a sunkissed look!

Archies Flip Flops

Wow, I’m so glad I ordered these. I had seen an advert for them online and took a chance as I love flip flops but they don’t love me. Certainly not if I walk around in them all day long as they are too flat and don’t give enough arch support, which means aching feet and legs by the end of a long day.

Archies have a discreet orthotic support, however they look just like regular flip flops, but feel so much more supportive! They were designed by a physiotherapist in Australia and they get a big thumbs up from me. I went for the taupe design which was a great neutral colour that worked with any outfit. I might go for a pop of colour though next time!

Beach Cover Ups

I had three with me and to be honest wish I had more as they were so practical and versatile. I would pop one over my bikini to go to the pool bar, they were great for walking down to the beach or by the pool area and for a bit of style and modesty! Also great to wrap myself in when I felt I was getting a little too much sun. A nice kimono can also work really well over your clothes when you are out and about – you can wear them over shorts and a vest for example.

I will definitely be getting more cover ups and kimonos in different colours and lengths as they’re all you need daily really – certainly on a beach holiday, together with your bikinis or swimwear.

My pretty boho style cover up above was from Amazon and you can see it here in my Amazon summer collection along with other designs.

My classic white shirt and black sleeveless shirt were both from Matalan.

Dry Mist Sun Protection

I don’t tan very well and when it’s very hot I’m always a ‘sit in the shade wearing Factor 50’ girl.

Normally, high protection sunscreen is thick and gloopy. I feel yucky and greasy wearing it. So trying this Invisible Protect Mist from Garnier Ambre Solaire was a revelation to me! It was actually pleasant to use. Instead of slapping on a thick layer of lotion, it was a light, cool spray with a drier texture that just blended into my skin effortlessly. I didn’t burn at all this holiday so will definitely be packing it again in the future! You can find this product in my Amazon summer holiday collection.

I’d love to hear what your favourite holiday essentials are! Please drop a comment below and share yours.

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