Luvanto Flooring Compliments the Life Balance

With the development of mixing working from home and having an active family environment, a larger number of people don’t find the time to consider making their home a much better place for working or hosting meetings. This is where a quick, easy, reliable and cheap option may be luxury vinyl flooring.

Here is why Luvanto vinyl flooring is a great consideration for that busy lifestyle.

Quick Install

Not only is it quick, but it is also so relatively easy that you could do it yourself.

Vinyl flooring is a very simple process of choosing either glue-down tiles or click-together planks to layer the room and you don’t need to be relying on a professional to install it properly. If you are a DIY geek or fancy the chances of creating your floor then you’ll find it much simpler than you envision.

Uninstalling is also an easy process where individual sections can be removed without upsetting the entire floor. You even have the option of having them cut to size so that it’s a perfect fit the first time.

Quicker Clean

Cleaning a floor, especially towards spilt drink or food, can be a chore when it’s carpet or wood to fully eliminate any trace. When it comes to vinyl, it’s a relief that it can be cleaned within seconds with a sponge, water, a wipe or mop to instantly put your floor back to how it looked before any incident.

No embarrassing stains to be covered over, no being on your hands and knees scrubbing for hours and no need for investing in expensive chemical cleaning products.

It’s as simple as wiping and cleaning and your floor look good as new. No water will be found seeping through to the subfloor due to moisture resistance and no discolouration will be caused by chemical use. Your floor will never be simpler in keeping it clean.


Fixing any scratches and scuffs in Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a simple enough measure, most of the time you will find you won’t have any.

Luxury vinyl has levels of durability for many situations that would usually require a lot of attention to fixing. Cushion-like material ensures a better bounce from any drops whilst anti-scratch and stain properties mean you have a higher percentage of damage not occurring to your floor.

Replacement of any section that has incurred damage is a simple and cheap method of replacing flooring as opposed to fixing wood, stone or ceramics that would be damaged and more costly to replace in time and finance.

Luvanto is the perfect floor for people with not much time on their hands, with plenty of manufactured safeguards that make it easier to enjoy your home. If you have less time to focus between work and family, luxury vinyl flooring such as grey parquet flooring is the best product for your home.

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