How Homes In The UK Are Made

It may be drizzly, grey and wet in Great Britain, but our houses are built to withstand all kinds of weather! Did you know that UK homes are built in a completely different way to ones built by our American cousins? That’s because there are all kinds of different rules and regulations that result in the brown-brick terrace houses that have become so iconic to our fare land.

How our homes are built

We love variety in the UK and that’s why we have such an abundance of different types of housing. From city apartments to cosy countryside cottages, family-friendly detached homes and cutesy bungalows, there’s something for every need and taste.

And that’s before we even get to the construction of the properties, all of which can be built in a multitude of ways, including traditional construction, metal framed, pre-caste concrete, in-situ concrete and timber framed.

It’s not just the exterior that has to be future proof – your interiors are just as susceptible to damage! Invest in top quality components and building materials around your house, as well as durable plasterboard sheets that will stand the test of time.

How we differ to ones in the US

Howdy neighbour! Did you know that sharing neighbours is the biggest difference between US and UK houses? A massive 85% of houses in the States are detached, meaning that hardly any Americans share walls with the guy’s next door. Brits, on the other hand, can usually hear what TV show their neighbours are enjoying of an evening. There are a few reasons for this, mainly because lots of British homes were built before the invention of the car and parking wasn’t an issue, and because the US is a whole lot bigger than our cosy island.

And, as we know, everything is bigger in America. That includes their mammoth houses which are, on average, up to three times bigger than a UK home. That means extra room for their beloved walk-in closets and a whole separate utility room for the washing machine and dryer.

How regulations differ

It turns out there are lots of differences between UK and US houses! There are also a whole load of building regulations that differ across the continents. Whilst the UK has a regulatory framework for the whole country, various states within the US have different regulations. It’s a lot to get your head around!

In general, US buildings used to favour wood framing due to the more extreme weather conditions, and now, due to sustainability, have turned to lightweight steel framing. And let’s not get onto the issue of gauges! One of the biggest differences in American and European design, the US has an extra measurement for steel framing known as gauge, which specifies the grade of steel and can be converted from the traditional ml measurement.

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