How Smartphone Service Providers Are Becoming Eco-Friendly

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More than five billion people have a smartphone. In the past 12 months, this total grew by 117 million. There are expectations the number of people with a mobile phone worldwide will rise with new features released and advancements in technology.

Undeniably smartphones are leading the technological progress within the personal gadget space. Since their introduction to the market, they have changed our daily lives significantly.

Each new device released is brimming with unique features and allows around the clock connectivity. Smartphones have slowly become a substitute for various personal gadgets. As technology continues to advance, smartphones will continue to evolve.

However, despite these exciting advancements and innovative features, many want to know if these frequent evolutions affect the planet. The undeniable effects of global warming have led to a rise in people becoming concerned about the earth. Many consumers are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. They are more conscious about the purchases they make and how they are impacting the planet.

Consumers are looking at businesses and how they are playing their part in the fight against climate change. How a company chooses to implement sustainability into their practices can influence whether consumers want to purchase from them. These products include mobile phones.

How Service Providers Are Going Green

The vast majority of smartphones in the UK have sold on a contract basis. At the end of Q1 2021, Ofcom reported there were 83.3 million active mobile subscriptions. Notably, this total was down 0.1 million from the previous year.

Part of this reason could be due to any service providers offering 36-month contracts. Greenhouse gas emissions from a mobile phone are produced in the mining and production stages. When a consumer purchases a new phone, the longer they are committed to their new device, the lower the overall gas emission will be each year.

How Consumers Can Choose Green

Service providers are trying to play their part in creating a green future with their products. However, the attention does switch to how consumers can go green with their phones. One way is opting for a 36-month contract when upgrading your phone. However, a 36-month phone contract is not as enticing as hoped. The current model has been designed to entice consumers to sign up for a new contract as quickly as possible. It is not enticing to the consumer as they have to ensure they keep the phone in good condition for the three years they have signed the contract. At the end of the contract, when it is time to renew, they will have what is viewed as being an outdated phone.

There are alternative options for consumers who can go green when upgrading their phone – these are just a few of them.

Buy Second-Hand

A common trend shared amongst consumers is the desire for the latest thing. It is especially true when it comes to technology. Once the latest version of a product, such as a mobile phone, becomes available, many will switch from their current device to the newly released version. It results in generations of waste and disregard for the time, energy, and resources put into billions of devices worldwide. Consumers should avoid switching to the latest model when it becomes available. Instead, hold on to it for as long as possible. Then when the time comes to upgrade, consider purchasing a second-hand mobile. It will be cheaper than paying for a new version.

Additionally, with purchasing a second-hand device, there is the option to choose a sim-only contract. A SIM-only contract allows you to select a package that includes data, minutes and texts as a set price. Many service providers will offer a sim-only package. Lebara, for example, offers great deals at affordable prices. All of which are available to see at

Recycle Old Phones

If a phone is in great condition, some businesses and charities will accept a used phone. They will either refurbish them ready for a new home or recycle them. There is also the chance of earning a bit of money. Some businesses will buy the phone for a certain price, depending on its condition, model and make.

Over half of a mobile phone can be recycled. Avoid sending it to a landfill or leaving it in a draw, see what recycling facilities are available to you.

Repair Phone Instead Of Buying New

Similar to recycling old phones, consumers should have their phones repaired if they were to be damaged. Whether it be a cracked screen or the phone has stopped working, it can be tempting to go and buy a brand new model to replace the broken device. Whilst sending a mobile phone in to get repaired will be a time-consuming task, as well as inconvenience, upgrading to a new device will have an impact on the environment.

Sending the broken or damaged device might come with a small fee, but it will extend its lifespan. Meaning that there is one less item taking up space in a landfill.

Choose An Eco-Friendly Phone Manufacturer

Many companies abide by certain eco-friendly laws. Others will do the very minimum to avoid facing fines. Consider choosing an eco-conscious phone manufacturer. Most modern manufacturers are often more eco-friendly when designing their mobile devices. Look into how manufacturers are implementing strategies to create a greener business to develop an eco-friendlier device.

Additionally, take note of alternative ways in which they are playing their part in the fight against climate change to reduce their carbon footprint.

The Bottom Line

With many consumers looking for ways to be more eco-friendly, service providers are looking for ways to meet this growing demand. As the pressure on businesses and individuals to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle increases, as the need to reduce our carbon footprint intensifies, there will be more service providers becoming eco-friendly in the years to come. In time, the market might be filled with eco-friendly service providers all doing their part in the fight against climate change.

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