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How to choose the right kitchen for you

So you’ve decided to invest in a new kitchen. Congratulations! Now the tricky part begins – choosing your kitchen units, surfaces, hardware, appliances etc. With so much kitchen inspiration around in blogs, on websites and in home interior magazines, there are plenty of ideas to draw on. The downside is that this plethora of gorgeous kitchens can cause overwhelm and confusion. So many choices! And knowing that your investment will be a long term feature of the home puts even more pressure on you to choose wisely. So here’s a little guide around the common issues to consider in helping you choose the right kitchen for you.

kitchen units

Budget vs Splurge?

First and foremost you need to be sure about how much you can spend on your new kitchen. If you need to make structural alterations, you obviously need to factor extra budget in for that, and a contingency of at least 10%, on top of buying the new kitchen itself. And there is no point looking at the high end of the market if your budget won’t stretch to luxury. But not having wads of cash doesn’t need to prevent you from getting a high end look. Why not check out kitchen suppliers such as Kitchen Warehouse where you can cut out the middle man and deal direct with the manufacturer. This could allow you to splash the cash elsewhere on a few key elements, like good quality appliances, a fancy kitchen tap, or designer handles for your cupboards.

I don’t know which style I like most

This is a common issue. You’ve seen some gorgeous shaker style cupboards in dark blue, but then your head was also turned by a glossy white kitchen design. Which style do you choose when you like both? Try to imagine which kitchen you’ll be more likely to love in the long term. Look at the rest of your design choices around the house; there will probably be clues about whether you favour a classic, traditional style or a modern, minimal aesthetic, for example. A really good tip is to look at your wardrobe; if your clothes are bright and colourful, chances are you’ll enjoy a kitchen in a bold colour and design. If you mostly wear neutrals, look for a natural wood finish or white kitchen. Mostly navy, black and grey in your wardrobe? You’ll probably want to consider a smart black or grey kitchen. If your clothes are tailored and classic, you might prefer something like a traditional shaker kitchen. If your clothes are bang on trend, you’ll probably want an up to the minute kitchen with all the latest technology and gadgets. Maybe you have an eclectic taste in what you wear? Then consider a kitchen design that mixes and matches lots of different surfaces, textures and elements to reflect your taste and personality.

What does your kitchen need to provide?

If you have been happy with the way your current kitchen functions, you may decide to keep to the same layout with new appliances in the same positions. Do you have enough storage or do you need to factor in more? Would you prefer open shelves to wall cupboards and does your dream kitchen feature a central island? Do you want to create a spot to eat or sit and relax? Think about whether your current layout works or if you’d like to change things around. Maybe you need to extend the space or knock a wall down as part of your re-design? If you are stripping back your room to the bare bones, or building an extension for the new kitchen, it’s really important to think about things like lighting points, plug sockets, whether to opt for radiators or underfloor heating etc. If you can assess all your requirements and wishes – your must-haves and would-likes – then you are halfway to designing your dream kitchen.

Make a plan and a moodboard

It’s vital to plan out your new kitchen to scale, to ensure all the dimensions and measurements work in the space. This can be on graph paper, using an online tool or perhaps you would feel more confident consulting an experienced kitchen planner who has the expertise and know-how to get the most out of your space. It makes sense to bring together all your choices of tile, kitchen cupboard finishes/colours, flooring design, paint swatches etc – either digitally or physically sticking samples to a board. It will really help you visualise all the different elements and decide whether anything is jarring or doesn’t work, before you commit to buying anything. It really is worth the time and effort.

Good luck with your kitchen planning – take your time, gather ideas and sleep on your decisions – then you’re much more likely to choose the right kitchen for you!

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