How to Declutter Your Home with Ease

An organized space is essential for an organized mind. A clean, shiny space calms you down, reduces your distractions, and allows you to be a better version of yourself. All of us have more stuff than we need, and getting rid of it during a decluttering exercise will be the most satisfying thing you’ll ever do. Promise!

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While decluttering is indeed satisfying, taking the first step is often overwhelming and most people abandon the idea altogether even if their home is overflowing and their anxiety levels are screaming.

If you’re one of those people, here are some tips that can help you take that first step and make decluttering a bit easier for you!

Use self-storage

A lot of people begin decluttering by making a list of things that they no longer need and trying to figure out a way to discard them.

When you sit down to make your list, you’ll realize that there are many items that you’re not ready to discard altogether even though you no longer use them. 

For example, you might have special memories attached to an ugly, old sofa that’s cluttering up your living room — you don’t really need it in your house but you can’t discard it either. Other items are seasonal and are clutter in one season and incredibly useful in another. 

For all items you can’t discard entirely, use self-storage. Self-storage allows you to rent a tiny store room and store your items safely. You can access your items any time you want, and the rent is often extremely low, making it an economically feasible option.  

Call in professional clutter-removers

While scanning through your items and trying to categorize them, you’ll inevitably come across things that you can confidently discard.

Sometimes, there can be too many of these items, leaving you clueless about properly discarding them. You can make your life easier by using a professional rubbish removal service like 1300 Rubbish. However, before you decide to banish an item to rubbish, consider donating it if possible.

This is especially true for clothes. According to the 80/20 rule, you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time. Identify the clothes that can be donated, and you’ll help the needy and declutter at the same time!

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Organize the process

When you start your decluttering journey, you’ll realize that multiple areas of your house will be screaming for your attention at the same time. You should focus on one area and ignore the rest.

Going room by room will keep you focused and organized, and you’ll feel accomplished and motivated when you declutter an entire room.

Even within a room, you can divide up the areas. For example, you can dedicate one day for your wardrobe, one for the bathroom, and one for your dressing table (or study desk). You can allot varying periods to each area depending on the work that needs to be done for it, but make sure you don’t tackle multiple areas at once. 

Invest in extra space 

A lot of disorganization arises from a lack of dedicated space for small items. When you start decluttering a room, you’ll realize that a lot of items do belong in the area but just don’t have a dedicated space for storage.

So investing in baskets, shelves, and smart furniture (with lots of storage space) becomes a very powerful way of getting rid of your everyday clutter.

You might be inclined to shove certain everyday items (like DVDs, electronics, books, and blankets) in a place where they don’t belong. While that’s going to temporarily clean up your space but in the long run, you’ll find those items cluttering up your space once again. So make sure to allot them a dedicated storage area!

Expand your closet space by adding hooks

Unused clothes, bags, and purses are one of the most annoying forms of clutter. If you don’t want to get rid of them, simply hang them at the back of your closet, which is a brutally neglected space.

But before you can do that, you’ll need to add some hooks to your closet. Hooks are generally very useful when it comes to decluttering, so consider purchasing a bunch of them and figuring out other places in your home that they can help declutter as well.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

You might feel reluctant to let friends or family too much into your personal space but they can be a very good source of new ideas to help you declutter.

Not only that, other people view your home with a different perspective and might immediately identify areas for improvement that you didn’t even think of before.

And since decluttering is a lifestyle — a long journey — new ideas are always welcome. There’s always going to be room for improvement, and friends and family help you achieve that!

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