How to Ensure your Kids Get a Good Night’s Sleep 

Sleep is vital to a kid’s growth and well-being. Ensuring your kid gets an excellent night’s sleep increases the likelihood of you getting a restful night’s sleep too.  

This blog will look at how you can ensure your kids get a restful night’s sleep, which has to be good for the whole family.   

A bedtime routine  

Sometimes bedtime can be difficult and feel more like a test of endurance for both child, and parent, than a time to relax and enjoy time together. Introducing a bedtime routine may help to remove the stress from bedtime by giving a child and parent structure; everyone knows what happens and what is expected of them. In time the child’s body will start to recognise the routine and develop sleep associations with the activities.   

A bedtime routine can comprise any relaxing activities that promote sleep and often include a relaxing bath, putting on nightwear, brushing teeth and a bedtime story. However, each child is an individual, so trying out what works best for you and your child is a good idea.

  A good sleeping environment  

Creating a restful sleep environment which is quiet and free from too many distractions is less likely to stimulate your child and will make sleep easier for them.   

Have regular sleep and wake times.   

It can feel like a real treat to let a child sleep in at the weekend, especially if they have had a disturbed night’s sleep. However, this can backfire, leaving them unable to sleep the following night and creating a poor sleeping cycle.   

Regular sleep and wake patterns will help your child get into a routine. They will be tired and ready to sleep when bedtime comes around, making bedtime far more enjoyable for everyone.  

Chose comfort  

We all like to be comfortable in bed, and children are no exception. Choosing a comfortable bed with a pillow, and mattress, that will support your child’s neck and spine while they sleep is essential for their development. Being comfortable and relaxed will also make falling asleep easier for your child.   

The kid’s bamboo pillow is an excellent option recommended by orthopaedic experts and doctors to support neck and spine alignment. It is made from silky soft bamboo and is also hypoallergenic, which can help reduce irritation that often leads to disturbed sleep.   

Electronics & gadgets  

Turning off electronics such as phones, games and laptops an hour or so before bed will give your child time to wind down and relax before it is time to sleep. Making it far easier for them to get a good night’s sleep and wake up happy and full of life in the morning.   

Keep cool  

It is nice to be cosy in bed; however, to fall asleep, we actually need to be more cool than hot. Keeping the room temperature cool (18.3 to 21.1 degrees C) and using breathable bedding, which will keep them warm without overheating, will make it easier for your child to get to sleep and to sleep through the night too.   

Avoid caffeine  

Caffeine is known to make it challenging to get to sleep and can also lead to disrupted sleep. Caffeine can be found in many drinks, from coffee, tea, fizzy drinks, and energy drinks. Keeping these to a minimum in the late afternoon and evening may help your kid get a restful night’s sleep and avoid waking during the night too.   

Ensuring your child gets a good night’s sleep is good for the whole family, and by making a few simple changes, you can turn bedtime into a pleasant time rather than a test of endurance for all involved. 

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