How to Get the Most From Your Garden Shed

If you’ve got a garden, then the chances are that you’ve got some kind of shed or outhouse. However, more often than not, these outbuildings and sheds get taken for granted and neglected. This can lead to the shed breaking down or simply being wasted.

Whether you already have a shed or space to install one, it’s a shame to let that space go to waste. Here are some great ways to get more utility from your shed so it’s an addition to your garden.

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Maintenance and Repair

Your shed gets a lot of abuse. As an outbuilding, it’s exposed to all the outside elements, including storms and other harsh weather conditions. While your shed is designed to take some of this, it’s not surprising that it might get damaged or battered.

No matter what you use your shed for, the chances are that you want the things inside your shed to be dry and safe from these harsh elements. If the roof gets damaged, this can cause leaks or flooding. Keep an eye out for this kind of damage so you can catch it quickly and get it repaired. You can get a replacement roof from Clear Amber Shop, which can be as tough as you need it to be. 

As well as making sure that your shed is structurally sound, you want to keep your shed looking its best. The paint job will also suffer from the outside elements, and before long, your shed might start looking worn and tatty. 

If you want to maintain a good curb appeal and keep your garden looking nice, then give your garden shed and any other outbuildings some TLC. A fresh lick of paint can make an old garden shed look brand new, and you can even integrate it with the rest of your garden by installing hanging baskets or allowing vines to grow up trellises on your shed walls.

The Perfect Storage Solution

One of the most common usages of a garden shed is for storage, according to Sheds Warrington. Just because this is a common use, it doesn’t mean that using your shed for storage is letting it go to waste. A shed is a great place to store garden tools and equipment such as lawnmowers or barbecues.

The trick is to keep your shed secure and organised. Maintaining and repairing your shed will prevents leaks that can damage your belongings, so if you care about them, you need to care about your shed.

You should also make sure that your shed can lock in some way. Even a padlock is better than nothing, as it can deter opportunistic thieves looking to make some quick money. This is especially important if you keep expensive tools in there, as they are difficult to replace.

Finally, keep your shed organised. Rather than just throwing everything in there, make sure that everything has its place. Empty your shed periodically and sort out the junk or things you can sell from the things you actually need, this will prevent it from getting cluttered and allow you to easily spot and retrieve what you need.

Other Uses For Outbuildings

While the most common way that people use a shed is to store things and keep them safe, there are other ways to use outbuildings. Arguably the second most common usage of a shed or garage is a workshop. If you work for yourself or have a hobby that involves manual labour and a lot of mess, an outside workshop is a great place to work on your projects. This way, you keep the mess and noise out of your house, and any distractions out of your workshop.

You do need to make sure that your workshop is properly kitted out, depending on what you do in there. You might need electricity or plumbing for certain projects, and you need to have the space and lighting to safely work.

On a similar note, many people who work from home build garden offices. A home office is great, but a garden office is even better. With a garden office, you have more privacy and less distractions. It has the convenience of a home office, but because you have to physically leave your house to reach your garden office, it’s easier to get into the right frame of mind for work.

Some people use outhouses for summer rooms, spare bedrooms, and even gyms. No matter what you use your shed or outhouse for, make sure that you look after it and it will look after you. 

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