How to maintain the doors in your home

front door maintenance

Today’s guest post is all about doors – everyone has them and we all need to maintain them, so read on to ensure you know how.

A door of any house or room is the first impression anyone has of your home. Although they may look stylish and sturdy, they still need proper maintenance in order to keep them presentable and in top condition.

Wooden doors are a feature in nearly every home so it’s important to understand to understand how to care for them.  As wood is an organic material, it means it may shrink and swell with the temperature and moisture levels throughout the year.  Expect the doors to be quite loose during hot weather and sticky during the colder, wetter weather.

Each time you wipe over the door, ensure the paintwork is not chipped, as otherwise this may lead to moisture seeping through into the wood and warp or rot the door.  It’s important to check the insulation tapes around the inside frame of an exterior door are in place correctly and that there are no loose hinges. Lubricate locks and hinges with a little oil against any excess stickiness. This usually needs to be done about twice a year.

Doors which are made of Composite and uPVC are easier to maintain than wood but still need some care.  Remove dirt and grit with soft cloth dipped in soapy water.  The only time you will need a specialist uPVC product is for a stubborn stain which won’t shift.

Interior doors are usually lighter and easier to maintain than exterior ones as they are not exposed to weathering.  The more frequent problems here will be with loose hinges and a build-up of grubbiness around the door handles, especially on brass door furniture.  As long as these doors are cleaned regularly with soapy water and the hinges oiled, they should stay in good shape and can easily be refreshed with a lick of pain or smart new brass door furniture. 

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