What Do Pawnbrokers Accept as Collateral?

Collateral is often required when you are seeking to secure a short-term loan from a pawnbroker. This guarantees that a borrower will pay back what has been borrowed. But each broker is different and will accept various items as collateral. When you have luxury goods you wish to use to secure a short-term loan, it’s essential to understand what you have and find a broker who understands luxury goods and will value your item accordingly. We’ve listed a few things below that a reputable luxury pawnbroker will accept as collateral. 


Precious metals, including gold, platinum and silver, were historically used as currency. These metals were used to back up the said currency at the introduction of cash, particularly gold. In the modern day, these precious metals are still valuable and sought-after investment commodities, making them ideal for securing a short-term loan. In addition, gold and precious metals have timeless appeal and value, making them ideal collateral.


Investing in a luxury watch has many benefits aside from owning a prestigious timepiece – it also provides future financial flexibility as there is a consistently high demand for pre-owned watches from leading brands. An expert luxury pawnbroker will know everything about luxury brands and models in Haute Horlogerie, whether the item is vintage or a recent acquisition.

Diamonds & Jewellery

Diamonds have long been sought after for their beauty and enduring value, making investing in quality diamonds a wise investment, providing you purchase certified diamonds. This naturally makes diamond stones and jewellery sought after with great value attached, making them good items to use for collateral. 

Luxury Goods

Just like gold, jewellery, diamonds, and watches, luxury goods are a hot item for a luxury pawnbroker. These items may include designer handbags, fashion, and others. Their value can increase depending on the current trends. Therefore, securing a loan against luxury goods can be a convenient way to gain capital.


There are so many artists out there that are sought after in the art. You are undoubtedly aware that art from recognisable names can be worth vast sums of money. But many lesser-known artists can also be valuable, with originals and painted canvas usually carrying the highest value, with some prints following depending on their rarity and market demand. In addition, many people have inherited artwork or had pieces for years without knowing what it’s worth. This makes artwork great to secure as collateral. 


Antiques are usually over 100 years old and can include furniture, art and various collectables. Often items from a particular designer, brand, or era can be highly valued based on market trends and demand. In addition, valuable antiques can be pawned to secure a short-term and low-interest loan as collateral. 

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