How to Make Money While Living Abroad

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When you consider the ongoing controversy about immigration in the UK, it may come as a surprise to note that around 5.5 million Brits live as immigrants in overseas countries.

This represents nearly 10% of the total UK population, while many expats from the region herald originally from the UK.

But how can you make money while living abroad as a Brit? Here are some options to keep in mind!

Copywriting, Freelancing and Social Media Management

 The UK’s booming gig economy doubled in size between 2015 and 2018, while this market is now home to around five million workers.

The primary benefit of freelancing, of course, is that you can do it anywhere in the world, creating an opportunity for expats to create viable income streams when residing in an overseas country.

The key lies in identifying which skills experience the highest demand in the gig economy. Social media content creators and managers are in particularly high demand, while it’s incredibly easy to manage client accounts, schedule content and conceive engaging social campaigns remotely.

Brands are also increasingly inclined to seek out freelance copywriters on a project by project basis, with this an increasingly lucrative job role that may deliver a consistent stream of income over time.

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Trading and Investing

On a similar note, you can also begin Forex trading remotely from anywhere in the world, while this 24-hour marketplace also enables investors to create a schedule of work that suits their needs.

Over time, forex trading can become a passive and highly lucrative income stream, and one that’s accessible to anyone with knowledge, an Internet connection and a few hundred pounds.

Make no mistake; you can open and control large positions with relatively small forex deposits, thanks to the concept of leverage (the processing of taking on debt to open a currency trade) and the availability of products that reach up to 100:1 with most reputable brokers.

Currencies are also traded in pairs and as derivative assets, allowing to speculate on the performance of one currency against another and profit even in a volatile or depreciating marketplace.

Get a Job Abroad

If you have an outlook that’s slightly more old school, you may want to get a good, old-fashioned job overseas.

There certainly remains a high demand for some job roles and skills overseas, depending on the precise location where you visit and how long you intend to stay.

For example, visitors to Southeast Asia may be able to leverage their skills by teaching English, with or without a viable qualification in some instances.

Ultimately, the key is to identify your core skills and match these up to your end destination, and see how you may be able to leverage your existing qualifications to earn a viable income while living overseas.

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