Essential Steps to Take for a Safer Home

Safety at home is one of the most important things you can focus on if you want to make home improvements. Making sure your home looks good might be fun, but it’s also necessary to check that your home is as safe as possible. There are plenty of different safety issues that could be a problem in your home, causing problems for adults, children, and pets. Some of them are more important than others and should be addressed as soon as possible if you haven’t already done something about them. Here are some of the top steps to take if you want to make your home safer.

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Make Your Home More Secure

A secure home is a safe home. Preventing anyone who shouldn’t be getting into your property from getting in will protect you and your home. Securing your windows and doors is usually the first logical step to take. Make sure all of the locks work and that you lock up when you’re not at home. Other security measures can be useful too, including installing an alarm and using security lights. Some homeowners also like to use cameras or perhaps a video doorbell so that they can keep an eye on their home’s exterior.

Have Safety Inspections Carried Out

Landlords are required by law to carry out a number of safety inspections, but you don’t need to be a landlord to check the safety of your home. A regular gas safety check or electrical report (EICR) can help to improve safety in your home. You might wonder why does my property need an EICR? After all, you’re not a landlord, so you’re not responsible for anyone else’s safety. While it’s not a legal requirement for you to get an electrical safety check, it can make your home safer and prevent things like electrical fires.

Install Fire Safety Equipment

Fire safety in the home is crucial. There are lots of things that can start a fire in your home, from kitchen accidents to electrical fires or candles. Having the right fire safety equipment will help you to keep your home safe. Of course, a smoke alarm or heat alarm will help to protect you from fire in your home. It’s also useful to have a fire blanket, fire extinguisher, or other fire safety equipment to protect you and ensure you can put out small fires quickly.

Watch Out for Trip and Fall Hazards

Falling in the home is the cause of a lot of accidents. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to prevent it from happening. Removing any tripping hazards is a good start. For example, if there is any loose carpet, you could get your foot caught and trip over it. Fixing it down or removing it will make it safer. Make sure any stair railings or bannisters are secure and fixed in place. If you have children, gates can be used at the top and bottom of the stairs.

You can make your home a lot safer if you take the right steps. Make these changes and you’ll have a much safer home.

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