How To Make Your Gifts Look Amazing

When it comes to gifts, obviously it’s the thought that counts, but a well-wrapped gift is always sure to be well-received. Taking the time to carefully wrap your gifts and make them look amazing shows thought, and you can wow whoever you’re giving gifts to with a few simple tricks.

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Create A Wrapping Station Stash

Your Christmas gifts don’t have to be wrapped in red and green to look festive. Think a little outside the box and wrap your gifts in different colors that suit the theme of your gift or the style of the person you’re giving it to. A budget-friendly way to do this is to maintain your stash all year round. Shop the sales after each major holiday to stock up on pretty wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons, and other embellishments. Pick things up as you see them so you don’t have to stock up all in one go at Christmas. 

Look For Beautiful Ribbons

Look out for beautiful ribbons in places other than the craft. You can find beautiful, and often more affordable, options in greenhouses, fabric shops, and other specialty stores. Ribbons can be expensive but they do really elevate a gift. For special presents, they can be worth the splurge. 

Ornaments Add A Nice Touch

Adding something extra onto the outside of a gift can make it look really special and luxurious. Ornaments are simple and light, but look really effective. Buy some spares next time you’re buying ornaments so you have a few to attach to gifts for the special people in your life.

Choose A Colour Scheme

A color scheme looks really striking, and can also be used to help you tell what gift is for who if you assign each member of the family their own colour. Start with a solid colour, so something like brown paper. This gives you a plain background to start decorating with other embellishments. Brown paper is great, as you can add just about any other color to it and it will look good. 

Mix In Different Packaging Options

Not all presents need to be wrapped in paper. Depending on the gift and the age of the recipient, you can get really creative. For younger children, wrapping paper is fine to tear off, but for adults, gift boxes work well. You could also combine a few items together, like some of these gift ideas from the Sweater Shop, in a pretty gift basket for a really lovely gift.

Top With A Ribbon, Bow, Or Twine

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Adding some more items of decoration to your gift wrapping can really elevate it and is a great way to really personalize each gift and make them stand out under the tree. When you choose your colour scheme for your gift wrapping, pick up a few different kinds of coordinating ribbon or twine (or look in your stash) to tie onto the packaging. This will give you a place to secure any extra embellishments that you want to add too. 

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