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Sometimes, you just want to go the extra mile for that special someone. Whether it’s a child, parent or partner, getting the right gift for someone can feel better than getting one yourself. Sure, you might end up dipping into savings or even blowing your saving plans entirely, but once in a while it’s worth it. So, what are you looking for? Possibilities are almost endless when it comes to a great gift.

Xmas gift ideas
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Sometimes you might know the person extremely well, meaning you’ll know exactly what they want or need. But other times, even if you know them well, you might want to think outside the box and go for something entirely different. Here are a few ideas that can kick your imagination into the next gear. Remember, never push yourself to the point where you have to get into debt to get these gifts. There’s always a line, try not to cross it. 


Sometimes a companion is one of the best things you can get. It’s tough, because getting a pet means a gift for the whole family sometimes, not just the individual. If you’re feeling especially flush, a horse or pony is the ultimate gift for young girls. But remember, there’s a lot of other costs that come with them, ranging from bits to stabling fees. You could go for something smaller, like hamsters or chinchillas. A great gift for someone who may want a pet but that is hands off is a cat. They require mostly minimal care aside from food and are happy to occupy their own space for a lot of the time. There are subsections of course. You can look into reptiles, or go the traditional route of a dog. The trick here is to make sure you’re not putting the family out by getting something that’ll cause them a lot of grief or even more money in the long run. It’s a unique approach, but one in which care is needed.

Xmas gift guide
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Forget about a physical gift. Think instead about an experience. These can differ completely, and sometimes it’s worth knowing the person well before deciding what to give them. The gift of a memory of something great is nicer sometimes than a physical gift, sometimes people actually prefer it. These can range from an hour in a supercar to a voucher for afternoon tea. Are they an adrenaline junkie? Or do they enjoy the theatre? There are all kinds of experiences to purchase for others. The good thing is that these come in a range of price points too, meaning you can tailor your gift not only to the individual, but to your budget too.


Again, this is something that ranges in budget, but it’s always a good bet if you’re willing to put down some cash. Good jewellery is something to keep for life. There’s a lot of choice, but knowing the person well means you can focus on an item they don’t have. Be that earrings, or a special necklace perhaps. Style plays a big choice too, but if you know them well enough, this should be a plus rather than a drawback. Watches nearly always go down well. If they’re a techy person you can get a smartwatch. If not, then there are still dozens to choose from and it’s an item that will last a long time and go down well.

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