How To Make Your Home Smarter Without Anyone Noticing

Making stuff smart has a host of benefits, including improving your lifestyle significantly. However, many people who love interior design are unwilling to do it because they fear it will change the feel and character of their homes. They worry they will start resembling labs. 

The good news is that technology is getting to the stage where you can install it discreetly, without it ruining the look of your rooms. Nobody will notice it’s there!

Install Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are perhaps the most discreet tech innovation of all. Plus, they are easy to install and can turn any ordinary device into a smart one. 

The way they work is pretty simple. Most have a wireless antenna that you can control with your voice or phone. Smart plugs let you set schedules and routines, and monitor energy usage, all while looking just like regular sockets. 

Get Smart Speakers

Another trendy option filling homes today is smart speakers. These are great for playing music, getting information, and controlling other smart devices.

Conventional products stand out like a sore thumb. However, there are many options that look more like decorative items than gadgets. For instance, some brands offer speakers that look like pictures, candles, and plant pots. As technology advances, more designs will come to the market. 

Hide Speakers And Sensors Out Of Sight

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Another option is to simply hide your smart cameras and sensors behind objects or furniture. For instance, many people go with small smart alarm systems and home security to prevent visitors from feeling uneasy about being watched. 

Therefore, hide systems behind objects or furniture that block their view but not their function. For example, try placing a smart camera behind a curtain or a bookshelf, or stick a motion sensor under a table or behind a plant.

Rely More On Voice Commands

Another great way to make your smart home tech more discreet is to rely more on voice. Voice commands are the easiest and most natural way to interact with them and reduce the need for apps or remotes that clutter your phone screen or coffee table. 

Voice commands are also just more natural than opening endless companion apps on your phone and manipulating your lighting or refrigerator that way. You just speak the command and the machine obliges. 

Choose Miniaturized Devices

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As noted above, the rate of improvement in smart home technology is accelerating and now most devices come in miniature format. For instance, you can get small home assistants that find under your coffee table. 

The only exceptions are devices, such as speakers, that need to be a particular physical size to perform their function. Cameras are also a potential source of concern since they need a physical line of sight into your rooms. 

These are some of the ways you can make your home smarter without anyone noticing. It takes a little planning, but eventually, you’ll find solutions that work for you and your family. Just remember to focus on the essentials and rely on wireless technology as much as you can. 

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