How To Make Your Home Stand Out For Future Potential Buyers

Selling your home can be quite challenging and there are many factors to consider when making your home ready for a sale. To help sell a residential property, there are many approaches that homeowners can take to help their house stand out in the market. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through making a few home improvements. With a bit of home inspiration, people can completely transform their property. If you are trying to sell quickly, then sometimes it’s just the small things like a new lick of paint that can help spruce up a home.

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If homeowners are looking to sell in the far future, then there are other big improvements that could be made, such as renovations and replacing outdated home features. Especially if a home is not as brand new as others, many sellers might be competing with new builds and more modern properties with better features. Subsequently, sellers may need to revamp their house slightly so it looks just as good on the market with the rest of the other properties for sale. Would-be buyers can often make up their minds within the first few seconds of setting foot into your house.

Think about valuable factors that will improve the curb appeal

The first impression is crucial as buyers will judge a home before they walk through the door. Homeowners can easily spruce up their home exterior with well-manicured lawns, a clean roof, a new mailbox, or even a garden of fresh flowers. Sometimes improving the appeal of a home will take a bit of research to discover what current buyers might be looking for. HomeOwners Alliance have some useful tips on what can help make a home more valuable and also sell faster.

In their article, they highlight aspects that people think contribute the most to ‘kerb appeal’, with the top three being windows in good condition, roof in good condition, and a well maintained front garden. The data from a 2019 YouGov survey shows that 71% of respondents said that windows in good condition were the most important, with no signs of rot or flaking paint. can help if homeowners are looking to replace their old windows with timber windows that are made-to-measure for the property. New windows will be much more durable than older ones and can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions.

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Consider updating the most valued rooms in the property

Two of the most important rooms in a home that buyers value are the kitchen and the bathroom. Buyers who are reluctant to renovate a bathroom or kitchen as soon as they move in will be looking for both rooms to be already to their liking. If you’re thinking about replacing a bathtub with a shower before you sell, it might not be the best decision to make. According to property experts, one bathroom design mistake that could devalue a home is not having a bathtub. A bathtub is in many buyers’ criteria when they are looking for a house to buy as they want to relax and unwind at the end of a day. Unfortunately, for many buyers, a bathtub can be one home feature that is non-negotiable for them.

If the kitchen is outdated, focus on ways to make it stand out better to buyers. Investing in bigger improvements for a house sale in the far future could be replacing old countertops, kitchen cupboards, and installing a new stylish tile backsplash. For a quicker sale, homeowners could simply reorganise their kitchen layout so it’s more appealing and efficient. Focus on what might draw people’s eyes when they enter the room and start making these areas stand out more.

Budget for big or small renovations and decor changes

Perhaps you want to sell your home near retirement or you are waiting for the children to leave home before downsizing. No matter the reason for selling, if you are selling in the far future then it might be worth making bigger home improvements while you are still living there. Making bigger changes will help you live in the style of home that you want to and also potentially prepare your home for a quick sale in the future. To help boost a home’s appeal, and be a valuable draw in for future buyers, big renovations such as loft conversions, kitchen makeovers, conservatories, and extensions are just some popular options. For smaller changes, many homeowners are now valuing hardwood flooring over carpet and french doors into a garden compared to back doors.

When upgrading any part of your home to boost the chances of selling, it’s important to understand what other people might be looking for in a home. You might like bold paint colours and striking patterns, but many other potential homeowners may not. Before repainting, reflooring, or making bold design choices, consider whether home buyers coming to view your house will find it appealing. Sometimes decor choices could impact whether buyers put in an offer or not.

Make quick repairs that could impact first impressions

When all the desired renovations and changes have been made, it’s time to consider the finishing touches. Sometimes it’s something just as simple as cosmetic fixes like fixing areas of paint that has come off the walls. Any little things that could be in view when someone enters a room could impact what potential buyers think of the property. Although some problems might be small, they also won’t make a great first impression for people looking for their forever home.

As a property will also be photographed before it goes on the market, buyers are likely to pick up on things in the pictures before they even request a viewing. If a potential buyer sees a home that has an unkempt lawn, broken garden fences, and old windows, they are not receiving a good first impression of the home. Some buyers might overlook these factors and take them on themselves but others might be put off instead and not want the work or hassle in a new home. Other small repairs in the home that would be beneficial to fix before a viewing include fixing any loose tiles or peeling wallpaper, tightening leaky taps, and removing carpet stains.

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