Top Tips For Setting Up Your Dream Man Cave

Lots of people are looking to add a space dedicated totally to fun in their houses. Often known as a man cave you can find a space for noisy hobbies like watching sports and playing video games, without taking over the family living area. A man cave can be a fun addition to any home. 

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  1. Check your electrical requirements. Making more space by converting the basement is a popular choice, but this is often lacking in electrical outlets. Man caves usually need lots of places for plugging things in, such as a large TV, a DVD player, video game consoles, or arcade machines. You might need to wire in more outlets. Speak to an electrician about this to make sure they’re added safely.
  2. Plan for plumbing. If you’re putting your man cave in the basement, adding some plumbing could be a good idea. You could build a small half-bath to save you from having to go up and down stairs all the time. If you’re using the man cave for a bar, add a sink for easy access to somewhere to wash up any glasses.
  3. Add some fun. A man cave is a great excuse to go wild with the decor. Take inspiration from your favorite pub, sports bar, or gentleman’s club. Add fun accents like man cave lights, neon lights, or wood paneling.
  4. Pick a central feature. Don’t try and crowd in too much stuff. Choose one or two items and let them take centre stage. This could be a pool table, a foosball game, a set of arcade machines, a projector screen, or a poker table. Work the rest of the room around your main pieces so the room doesn’t get overcrowded.
  5. Find the right TV. The TV is an important part of any man cave. Get the size right and find the right distance between the TV and the seating for the best viewing experience. You could add in a projector and large screen for video games and movies.
  6. Keep seating open. Don’t push all the seating into the middle of the room as this can make the room feel cramped. Instead, keep the seating towards the edges of the room. Make use of any space behind your seating by adding display tables or storage pieces to prevent dead space in the room.
  7. Add a bar. A bar is a really fun touch for a man cave. You could choose a small bar, with a mini-fridge to keep drinks cool and a small counter for preparing mixed drinks, or fit in a full bar if you want space for cocktail making. Add a fridge for snacks, dips, and soft drinks. These additions are ideal for entertaining and saves you from making trips to the kitchen.
  8. Treat yourself to a humidor. A humidor is used to store cigars and keep them in top condition. If you love cigars, a humidor is the ultimate luxury item and turns your man cave into a chic smoking room. 

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