How to Mix Old and New Objects in any Kitchen

Mixing a powerful blend of old and new in your kitchen can help you create unique and striking decor when done correctly. However, this is also one of the most challenging looks to pull off effectively and to avoid the space looking odd and/or inconsistent. A few simple mistakes and the stunning decor you are aiming for could appear cluttered or disjointed.

Regardless of whether you have a modern home, a love of old objects or you’re living in a classic setting, different looks can be easily combined with the help of some important tips; like using Quartz or a natural stone worktop, matching the size of cabinets, colours, appliances, furniture and more.

  1. Start with the Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning to buy new cabinets for the kitchen, but don’t want to dispose of the old ones, you can mix and match.

If placing them side-by-side, especially if they are floor cabinets, try and match the height to ensure a cohesive look. Otherwise it may look awkward. If the difference in sizes is unavoidable, make it obvious by painting the new cabinet in a toning colourway or add a quirky handle to differentiate it, rather than trying to make it look the same when it won’t. This will give your kitchen individuality.

  1. Coordinate the Colour

The colour of the room plays a crucial role in helping you achieve the right balance of old and new. If it is not possible to match the colours of the new cabinet, table, or kitchen unit exactly, you could tone them similarly or go for a contrast. For any existing natural wood, you could add a new finish such as a veneer to the new objects to make them blend well together. You can also co-ordinate your cabinets with a marble or granite or another worktop material to create a themed look. There are some incredible new worktop materials such as Dekton Aldem, Neolith La Boeheme, Dekton Aura and Neolith Estatuario that offer realistic wood and marble looks that can help achieve that great blend of old and new.

The above image shows a Barbeque worktop made from Dekton Aldem stone surfaces

  1. Kitchenware is important

The kitchenware you choose can help you balance things between old and new. From pots and pans, to spoons and plates, you can upgrade them to accentuate and compliment your kitchen decor.

If you feel your home’s interior style is too modern and lacking some vintage charm, opt for traditional kitchenware. Of course, the opposite can be done to make old kitchens look more modern. When it comes to surfaces, traditional materials such as Black Slate worktops or Absolute Black granite honed, or Carrara marble honed, can instill that ‘heritage’ feel into the space. Honed finishes take the sheen out of the surface, providing a classic look to any interior in which they are installed.

The above image shows a vanity top in Black Slate in a honed finish on a traditional bathroom

  1. Focus on the Worktop

If the colour of old and new objects varies vastly, they can still be connected visually with the help of a countertop which can balance both. Look for natural materials if you have a very modern kitchen or add a worktop made from Neolith or Dekton if you wish to add a splash of modernity to an old kitchen.  Other man-made products such as the Caesarstone Metropolitan Range, can add the look of traditional building products such as concrete and cement, with sturdy surfaces that are highly resistant to staining and don’t require sealing. Materials such as Caesarstone Rugged Concrete, Caesarstone Airy Concrete, Compac Gray Zement quartz and Silestone Cemento Spa are all good choices to enhance the look of any interior.

The above image shows a kitchen island in Caesarstone Airy Concrete quartz

  1. Play with the Lights

You can also experiment with lighting to mix and match old and new objects; traditional lamps and lights add old world charm, whilst an old kitchen could benefit from some modern LED lights – simple yet stylishly designed. Make sure that kitchen is well illuminated so that all the elements of your new kitchen look bright and eye-catching.

In terms of surfaces, you can choose simple and minimalistic colours such as pure white, black or grey. Products such as Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz, Compac Absolute Blanc and CRL Ultra White in a polished finish reflect light on dark areas making spaces look larger, whilst adding a modern twist to an old room.

Rather than sacrificing the old-world beauty for the modern or losing the contemporary for the classic, you can have the best of both worlds in your kitchen by mixing old with new.

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