Six things potential buyers should never see in your bedroom!

Selling a home is really about selling a lifestyle. You want buyers to be able to picture the space as their own and get the feeling that they’d really enjoy living in it.

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As an absolute minimum, you want to ensure that there’s nothing in a space which might be off putting for a buyer. With that in mind, here are six potential bedroom “sales hazards” shared by Indlu, Manchester estate agents.

Ideally you should take action to fix them before the sales photos are taken; you must absolutely deal with them before viewers come around.


This one goes for every area in the house, but is particularly important for the bedroom because it’s supposed to be, literally, the most restful room in the house. It’s fine to have some decorative items, but make sure that they are neither very personal nor potentially controversial.

Visible under-bed storage

Everybody stores stuff under the bed, but buyers do not necessarily want to see it, not even if it is well-organized. Bed covers which reach down to the floor can hide this out of sight and out of mind.

If, for some reason, this isn’t a practical solution for you, at least make sure your stuff is arranged tidily, preferably in attractive containers.

Faded wall coverings

Bedroom walls may not be refreshed as frequently as walls in public rooms, because really only the occupant is likely to see them. That being so, the walls in your bedroom may be looking a little unloved, with visible scuffs, stains and fading.

You may be able to live with this, but buyers will notice it so clean and touch up as necessary. In fact, you might even want to consider painting the whole room (in a neutral colour). 

Aged carpets

Bedrooms are places where people are often in bare feet so making a bedroom carpet look good can really add to the appeal of a property.

If you want a carpet to look like new, then you need to do more than just vacuum it, you need to get a steamer out. These can be hired (and they’re very easy to work), alternatively you could enlist the services of professional carpet cleaners.

Pet hair

On the subject of textiles, they can accumulate pet hair at an amazing rate, which may be something you can live with as a pet owner, but is not something you want a buyer to see, especially not if they have allergies. Cat hair is particularly bad for triggering allergies, but some people are allergic to dogs too.

In theory you could try banning your pets from the bedroom until the house is sold. In practice however it might be more realistic just to put covers on everything and then pull them off when potential buyers come around. Ideally back this up with a good vacuum.

Laundry hampers

Actually it’s absolutely fine for buyers to see these, but they shouldn’t smell them. If you can’t relocate your laundry hamper, make sure to keep the bedroom really well aired and try to do your laundry as often as you reasonably can.

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